This Weekend’s "Five Biggest Games" (Week 4)

There are 65 FBS games this weekend.

These are the five that might have some say in how the season rolls out.

(rankings are mine, using my own methodology.)

5) #32 Kansas (3-0) vs #15 Duke (3-0).

An outside possibility that the winner of this game gets the confidence needed to spoil a division contender somewhere down the line. Also, who in God’s green earth ever thought Duke and Kansas would be 3-0 in football at the same time?

4) #27 Oregon St (3-0) vs #13 USC (3-0).

Nobody actually thinks Oregon St is going to win this game. But I think everybody was too quick to accept USC as "back." So, who’s gonna win this one? Beavers or Trojans?

3) #25 Clemson (3-0) vs #11 Wake Forest (3-0)

Regular polls basically have these two teams’ rankings reversed. I think Clemson is overrated this year and Wake Forest is underrated.

2) #24 Michigan St (2-1) vs #18 Minnesota (3-0)

Michigan State’s season essentially depends on whether they can beat an undefeated Minnesota team that has a fighting chance to look legitimate for once. This game will be fun.

1) #6 Maryland (3-0) vs #5 Michigan (3-0)

Who here doesn’t wanna see Tua’s little brother chop the legs off the Wolverine’s season?

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