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Alabama Crimson Tide vs Utah State Aggies Second Half Open Thread

Bryce Young eviscerates the hapless Aggies for 41 points in the first half

NCAA Football: Utah State at Alabama Gary Cosby Jr.-USA TODAY Sports

Well that was about as perfect of an opening half as a coach or fan could ask for. Even Saban himself was happy to talk gameplans and schemes with Cole Cubelic at halftime, rather than being upset about whatever various things usually has him ticked off at that point of a blowout game.

The Tide’s defense was pretty close to perfect, only allowing 2 first downs and 58 total yards, with half of those yards coming on the first play of the game on a 1v1 jump ball on first time starter Terrion Arnold.

Will Anderson, Dallas Turner, Chris Braswell, and a whole host of others spent the entire half in the backfield, and the rest of the secondary did their best to take the soul of any receivers to grab a quick dump off pass.

Offensively, Bryce Young scored 5 touchdowns and 195 yards on 28 passes, and rushed 4 times for 96 yards. He took one bad sack when he missed the free rusher and missed a couple of fade shots to the corners of the endzone, but was otherwise dynamic and showed improvement from last season at hitting some quick dump passes against exotic blitzes.

Traeshon Holden made some tough catches and led the team with 70 yards, but freshman Kobe Prentice was right behind him with 60 yards of his own.

The running game still needs some work to start gelling, so expect to see a LOT of that in the second half.

On to the second half. Roll Tide!