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Alabama grad “The Graphic God” to design a field for one lucky high school

Georgia-based Shaw Sports Turf has collaborated on a cool promotion.

If you have watched ESPN Sportscenter recently, there’s a decent chance that you’ve seen the work of “The Graphic God.” Most recently, his “jersey swaps” were used on a segment speculating on where Bryce Young will end up after the NFL Draft.

As you can tell by the name, he’s also part of the RBR family and has done quite well for himself starting out. If you like this kind of content, give him a follow on Instagram. As an aside, his pops is quite proud of him.

Recently, he was approached by Shaw Sports Turf with a cool promotional idea: one lucky high school would get a custom field design from The Graphic God using Shaw’s newest technology. The two collaborated on the field used for pregame coverage of the SEC Championship Game this season.

The cover photo of this piece is a concept he designed with his alma mater in mind. Of course, Alabama would have to go away from its natural grass turf which is probably not happening again any time soon.

So, how does it work? CBS Austin has the details:

Schools must contract for a new turf by May 1 to be installed this summer, and apply for the contest. One winner will be chosen 30 days later and the field will be ready for kickoff in the fall.

If you are part of a high school football program or know someone who is, pass it along. Players and fans would get a ton of enjoyment out of this.

Roll Tide.