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Kids Won’t Stand Still R10:

Kids won’t shut up...

The party’s been closed...
Power Pop

Kids don’t follow what you’re saying... ah, the joys of parenthood (and coaching, amirite, Brian Kelly? Josh Heupel? Hello?). Well, while we wait for the SEC’s “finest” to respond, let’s immerse ourselves in some satisfying songs to soothe the savage beast. And, seriously, loser coach & fan types — don’t bother actually dialing in to the Random 10... we can’t hear what you say. Not tomorrow. Not today...

  1. Kids Don’t Follow by The Replacements
  2. We Walk by R.E.M.
  3. Oh, Boy! by Buddy Holly
  4. Hold Up by The Raconteurs
  5. Uprising by Muse
  6. Wake Up Time by Tom Petty
  7. Flower by Liz Phair
  8. Hitchin’ a Ride (Live) by The Replacements
  9. Let’s Stay Together by Al Green
  10. Spork My Ears by Tommy Stinson

Bonus: The Fish Needs a Bike by Thee Oh Sees