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SEC Shorts: 2018 Texas A&M discovers what the future holds

One of their most savage skits yet

Jimbo got canned yesterday on the heels of a 51-10 blowout home victory over Mississippi State. He finishes his career with fewer wins and lower win percentage than the man he replaced. So, I guess I owe that man an apology for calling Jimbo “White Kevin Sumlin” — Kevin Sumlin is a better coach, a better dude, and cheated infinitely less.

Along the way, Fisher signed $160 million worth of contracts with the Aggies, and “earned” about $2.7 million per victory. He destroyed the salary expectations of college coaches — with over a dozen guys now drawing $10M+, and completely reset contract expectations — his was fully guaranteed, with no offsets, and was inked for a decade. He started one of the worst personal beefs among college coaches we’ve ever seen. And he completely normalized buying players out in plain sight.

So, what does Texas A&M have to show for all that money, all that hype, all those unpunished infractions...all that hubris?

So much nothing. So much bitterness. Ashes in their mouth like licking a crematoria.

And SEC Shorts is here for it, in what is one of their most savage vids yet: What if Texas A&M could learn its future way back in 2018?

Simply brutal.