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Walk at Daybreak R10:

One wore black...

I bow my head and remember now...

Many pass along the road... the road we walk through this wild and wicked world. I can’t speak for you, friend, but I know that I’m all too experienced at failing to bestow a proper amount of warmth and cheer to our family, friends, and neighbors with whom we share this tiny bluish planet. So, for what it’s worth, I once again invite you to rest for a while here at the RBR Random 10 and enjoy my meager musical offerings, and I implore you to share your own random song selections with the rest of us, that we may delight in your love of music, life, and your fellow, well, pilgrims. And I give sincere thanks for each of you, for presence here, your fellowship, and the kindness and love you have shown to all. Now, as Maude says, go out and love some more...

  1. Trail of Tears by Guadalcanal Diary (R.I.P. Jeff Walls)
  2. Relatively Easy by Jason Isbell (‘Bama boy)
  3. Hang on to Yourself by David Bowie (R.I.P. Starman)
  4. Noise Pollution by Portugal. The Man (feat. Mary Elizabeth Winstead & Zoe Manville)
  5. Too Bad About Your Girl by The Donnas
  6. Late in the Evening by Paul Simon
  7. Your Mama Wants Ya Back by Betty Davis (Miles’ main squeeze)
  8. Carina Phone 1000 by Slow Pulp (New-ish music!)
  9. Psycobetabuckdown by Cypress Hill
  10. That’s the Way by Led Zeppelin