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Graphing the Tide vs. Chattanooga: A cupcake reprieve

This is about as good a “tune up” game as you can ask for

Chattanooga v Alabama Photo by Brandon Sumrall/Getty Images

Box score: Alabama vs. Chattanooga

Stat Alabama Chattanooga
Stat Alabama Chattanooga
Points 66 10
Total yards 574 233
Rush yards 315 126
Rush attempts 33 35
Yards per rush 9.5 3.6
Pass yards 259 107
Pass attempts 19-24 10-21
Yards per pass 10.8 5.1
1st downs 22 11
3rd down eff 6-9 4-14
4th down eff 0-0 0-0
Turnovers 0 1
Tackles 31 32
Sacks 1 1
Penalties-Yds 3-25 5-25
Possession 26:20 33:31

Hi Bammers: this was a solid, stress-minimal cupcake game that arrived at a good time. This season has seen some stressful good close games and had us on the edge of our seats pretty often, so it was good to have a little break with a pre-rivalry-week FCS tune-up.

This was a dominant victory, so I’m going to keep it brief and just post a few comments where there are some outstanding trends. Othewise, the advanced metrics agree with the scoreboard in that it was an expected mauling of an overmatched foe. Roll Tide.

Not seeing graphs below? Tap here to fix it.

Team Success Rates over time (cumulative)

Rushing and Passing Success (cumulative)

That’s some good balanced success right there!

Rushing rate (cumulative)

Ditto, we ran a balanced offense after stabilizing the efficiency for both rushing and passing.

Success and Explosiveness by Play Type

Rushing was more efficient, passing was more explosive: it’s certainly not the first time we’ve seen that relationship this season for the Alabama offense.

Play Map: Yards and Result by Play

Things look pretty miserable for the Mocs here, but they did have a few drives midway through the game that both resulted in points and lifted their overall SR and Average Extra Yards gained.

Success and Explosiveness by Quarter

And, wow, that confirms it: Chattanooga did not post a single successful play in either the 1st or 4th quarters. Hey, playing just a half of good football is supposed to be ‘23 Bama’s thing!!

SR, XR, and Play Count by Drive

Success and Explosiveness by Down

3rd down was mighty efficient again. Careful leaning too much on that, boys: a few more failures on 3rd down and the game takes on a bit of a different character (even if it was still a relative blowout).

Success and Explosiveness in the Red Zone

Continued trend: dominance in the Red Zone (both offensive and defensive)

Success and Explosiveness by Distance to go

Another continued trend: high efficiency in short yardage situations.

Top Rushers

Running backs were platooned — even a tailback named Richard Young! — and nobody picked up that much momentum, but they were all pretty efficient.

Top Passers

Milroe was pretty solid, but did rack up more than his usual unsuccessful short catches. Maybe a result of a conservative gameplan? Or, a lacking self-confidence in parts of this game? He did sail a few and, to my eyes, didn’t look to be at his best against the Mocs.

Top Receivers

And hey, that’s a fun, full chart. Transfer Malik Benson showed out more in this game than what we’ve been seeing vs. SEC opponents, with one explosive catch being mixed in with 3 total targets. There were also two catches by WR Cole Adams, whose name I didn’t recognize being seeing it in this chart.

Alabama tacklers vs. Chattanooga

Team Player SOLO TOT
Team Player SOLO TOT
Alabama Jihaad Campbell 6 10
Alabama Caleb Downs 2 7
Alabama Trezmen Marshall 4 6
Alabama Justin Eboigbe 2 5
Alabama DeVonta Smith 3 4
Alabama Terrion Arnold 3 3
Alabama Dallas Turner 1 3
Alabama Jordan Renaud 0 3
Alabama Quandarrius Robinson 0 3
Alabama Kristian Story 2 2
Alabama Shawn Murphy 1 2
Alabama Keanu Koht 1 2
Alabama Edric Hill 1 1
Alabama Tim Smith 1 1
Alabama Malachi Moore 1 1
Alabama Emmanuel Henderson Jr. 1 1
Alabama Trey Amos 1 1
Alabama Chris Braswell 1 1
Alabama James Smith 0 1
Alabama Jah-Marien Latham 0 1
Alabama Jaheim Oatis 0 1
Alabama Jeremiah Alexander 0 1
Alabama Damon Payne Jr. 0 1

Jihaad Campbell gets the image feature this week for his double digit tackles, including his six solos. FCS opponent or not, that’s an awesome amount of wood to lay in a single game. Caleb Downs was all over the place per usual, but fortunately not with many solos. It was good to otherwise see a lot of the front seven high on this list (instead of DBs).

Next week we’ll reconvene over what will surely be some more interesting charts. Hopefully they’re not too interesting ... heck, I’d love to build on New Mexico State’s performance and win going away in Jordan Hare stadium, but you know how that place is for Bama teams playing away from home.

But this weekend here went alright: Roll Tide.