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IRON BOWL: Alabama Crimson Tide at Auburn Tigers second half open thread

17-14 good guys

NCAA Football: Alabama at Auburn John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

It was a frustrating first half for Alabama fans, as the Tide looked like the dominant team for the first 3 drives, but everything seemed to fall apart when Alabama had a 50-yard touchdown called back by a very soft holding penalty.

After that, the Tide defense got absolutely gashed by the Auburn run game for two drives before they buckled up and slowed things down. Payton Thorne has only managed to complete 2 passes, so Alabama’s pass defense is doing fine, but they off tackle runs are just killing them as the linebackers aren’t managing to fill the gaps.

Alabama’s offense has generally moved the ball pretty well, with Jalen Milroe going 10-14 for 176 yards and Jase McClellan averaging 5 yards per rush. They just had two TDs called back for penalties and also had to start a drive on the 12 yard line due to yet another perfect punt from Auburn in an Iron Bowl - all of which limited the scoring output a little by extenuating circumstances.

Alabama will open the second half with the ball, and, hopefully, will be able to turn it into a 2-score lead.