Watching the season. Hope it doesn't die tomorrow.

So it seems everyone is counting Bama out. Everyone says the offense is all or nothing. Alabama doesn't have a short to mid game. Looking back over and over, I'm gonna go from TexMex to Bayou's version of Not Her Dame. I am in no way smarter than the guys on the sidelines that make millions. We all are Sunday morning quarterbacks. I very rarely have any criticism of our God that poses as a college football coach. In fact, I convince myself that he loses on purpose to motivate the team. It's almost like he gave Buckeey ( the other Ty ) a chance and mad made an episode of Simpson to prove that Milknows. I digress. Niblack is a Bowers in Crimson. Is he being saved? Better running backs on the bench? Yes. Saban is staying for a couple of years. THE TRUTH IS we got punked by the officials vs TexMex. S(h)ark took them out the night before and fed them tacos and peyote mixed with margos and they couldn't see straight. This is not the best version of Alabama football, let's be honest. Our offense skill players are not what us spoiled ass fans are accustomed to. We are watching our three previous starting qbs play on Sunday throwing to very recent wide relievers against elite dbs that are not far our of college. The South Florida game counts. Our coach is pretty smart. That was an early season experiment where the pundits don't look at the lineup. In my humble opinion, Nick has been so happy this year because he has so much in the bag. Especially after his Halloween birthday. He opened that bag right before his birthday, and he's gonna make the rest of the tigers look like candy before he makes the bulldogs sick with his leftover chocolate. Jihad Campbell was an appetizer. The championship will go through Texas and Georgia. Their names are Dallas Turner and Jermaine Burton.

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