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Alabama vs LSU: Second Half Open Thread

After a 1-minute defensive collapse from Alabama, it’s tied up 21-21 at the half

LSU v Alabama Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Well that was a frustrating half. The rushing QBs utterly dominated this one, with Jayden Daniels and Jalen Milroe combining for 240 rushing yards in one half. Defense was mostly optional, outside of 4th down stop by Alabama.

For casual fans, I’m sure this is an exciting one. For me, it’s just really annoying watching two offenses operating almost solely on QB scrambles and broken plays.

In any case, LSU gets the ball back with the score even, even though Jalen Milroe scored to take the lead with only a minute left. A couple of really bad plays from the Alabama defense, where backup safety Kristian Story was turned around backwards, gave LSU a quick and easy TD as time ran out, and now the Tigers get the ball back.

Alabama’s defense will have to clean up the coverage busts and do their best to at least mitigate all of the scrambling from Daniels. They’ve been a second-half defense all season, so hopefully that shows up today.

Meanwhile, the offense will have to keep up the efficiency if they want to keep up with LSU. Can they continue to rely on Milroe’s runs? Or will the Tide have to start operating a more traditional passing attack and/or rushing game with the RBs?

Remains to be seen, but this is for the season, and there’s now 2 quarters to go with LSU having the first possession. Hope for the best. Roll Tide.