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Gump Day: Will he stay or will he go?

Jalen Milroe is perhaps the most intriguing underclassman with a decision to make.

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Alabama has several draft eligible players awaiting their NFL grades, which — for whatever insane reason — usually drop during the middle of bowl prep.

Perhaps the most enigmatic is Redshirt Sophomore, sudden superstar Jalen Milroe. My belief is that he does go with any sort of competent showing in the bowl game(s). He went from untouchable to the No. 6 Heisman vote-getter. He outdueled Heisman winner Jayden Daniels. And, as he got more settled with the offense, learned the offense and his limitations (and strengths), he was lights-out the back-half of the season...just when the Tide needed him the most.

He has the athleticism of AR15, is arguably a smarter player and better pure QB than Justin Fields was when he declared. And, should he participate in the Combine, he’s going to blow the absolute doors off it with his measurables.

There’s also the little matter of making big-time NFL throws after just a dozen starts. Someone’s going to grade this kid in the Top 10-12...and he’d be a fool to stay.

Just my hunch.

Watts and Reier break that down (and more draft-eligibles) on their YT channel.

I think we can safely say, however, that Dallas Turner and JC Latham are gone.

Perhaps the most embarrassing Alabama football thing is that dreaded 1941 national title that the school began claiming in the midst of its drought. Most fans have always hated it, and I for one think any of the titles played-for between 1941 and 1945 are distasteful, if not outright illegitimate: the flower of the American youth was being chewed up on four separate continents and defeating existential evil.

And a not small number of America’s would-be athletes were, in any event, by and large in Europe and Africa and Asia and the Pacific. We’ll never know who could have won, lost to an unmarked grave in Belgium or the water depths of Japanese territorial waters.

College football just seems so...shallow.

Now, with the Tide winning another half dozen titles over the last 15 years, has Alabama finally ditched that dubious 1941? We have that 18th really necessary? Does Alabama plan on abandoning it?

LOL. No.

Remember Southeastern Conference commissioner Greg Sankey’s appeal to College Football Playoff selection committee reason prior to championship weekend? “One of these things is not like the other,” he borrowed from the children’s television program, “Sesame Street.”

And so it is with Alabama football’s national championships. The Crimson Tide has the nation’s top brand in college football because Bama has been the most successful, particularly when it comes to national championships. Nick Saban has coached Alabama to six and is in the hunt this year for a seventh, Paul Bryant coached six, Wallace Wade had three, Gene Stallings one, and Frank Thomas…

That inclusion of the 1941 team as a national champion is accepted by no one and used by others to demean the 17 legitimate Tide titles.

So, why is it still on there? It stems from bad PR borne of some pettiness back in 2004, when Moore et al decided to rename the Sylvester Croom award after Bart Starr instead. It infuriated alumni, and Coach Moore became gun-shy of making further changes. Coach has long-since passed; almost everyone associated with 1941 has as well. It’s time to let it go.

It’s illegitimate.

THIS is a huge one. Stud interior defensive tackle, LT Overton, is coming to ‘Bama for an OV this weekend

Alabama previously met with Overton and his brother, Micaiah, on Friday, On3’s Chad Simmons reported. He is the No. 25-ranked player to enter the portal, according to the On3 Industry Transfer Rankings.

LT Overton is one of the more notable Texas A&M players to enter the portal earlier this week. He was a Five Star Plus+ recruit, making him one of the only players ranked by all four major recruiting media companies as a five star. He came in as the No. 12 overall prospect, No. 4 defensive lineman and No. 4 player in Georgia in the 2022 cycle, according to the On3 Industry Ranking, a weighted average that utilizes all four major recruiting media companies.

Alabama could greatly use some beef along the line.

Look at these absolute clowns. I wish I loved anything like Ron DeSantis’s administration loves pissing away taxpayer dollars for unwinnable, unsupported, patently bogus lawsuits. Governance by PR stunt is no way to live.

Moody formally began the investigation Tuesday, looking into “possible contracts, combinations, or conspiracies...relating to anticompetitive effects.” It’s the latest escalation in a series of announcements by state and federal politicians since the Seminoles were left out of the four-team field on Dec. 3.

Yup. You read that right — Florida Woman is gonna’ fuel Florida Man’s conspiratorial mania by looking for antitrust activities, specifically with broadcasters.

You and I know damned good and well this is about the Mouse. It’s another nuisance investigation / suit by DeSantis cronies to pwn the libs he hates the most: Disney, the owners of ESPN. It just also happens to play well with the knuckle-draggers in Tallahassee too.

“I know injustice when I see it” is not a legal standard. In fact, the first day of law school, a justice looked across our auditorium and told us to heed the sign on the door: It’s a school of law, not a school of justice. But Moody knows that. There’s no there-there.

And, finally, we leave you with this bit of humor as your travel season begins...


Should Jalen Milroe go pro?

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