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UPDATED: Roster Management: Transfer In, Transfer Out, Recruits, and Super Seniors.

It takes a lot of math to make this all work.

NCAA Football: Louisiana State at Alabama
Alabama players like Terrion Arnold (3) and Malachi Moore (13) have a big decision ahead of them.
Gary Cosby Jr.-USA TODAY Sports

The 2024 college football season will be one of the most chaotic ones to figure out when it comes to roster management. Former NCAA President Mark Emmert clearly had an eye on the retirement door when he waved his magic NCAA wand and granted all athletes an extra year of eligibility back in 2020 without thinking the repercussions through. He did so because he rashly thought that all fall sports seasons would not be played that year and also because he thought it would make him look like some kind of hero. Instead, it has cursed college sports with fifth and sixth year players who should have moved on long ago.

Currently, there is a good amount of Bama athletes who were freshmen in 2020 and are now in the midst of their fourth year in college. A lot of decisions and hard choices lay ahead of players and coaches alike. Alabama is no different. Of the 2023 roster, only safety Jaylen Key and reserve OL Darrian Dalcourt are definitely out of eligibility. There is a minute outside shot that kicker Will Reichard was granted a medical redshirt for his freshman year, but that may be far-fetched. Subtract those Tide players from the roster and that leaves around 80 or so who could play another season of college football.


The Crimson Tide has seven players who have played four full years who could possibly come back. However, Nick Saban has been a little stingy in giving up those roster slots, and with good reason. He cannot bring them all back, sign 25 or so new guys and still stay under the allotted 85 limit. In the three seasons of the Super Senior edict, Saban has brought back two players each year. Jaylen Key is a third SS this year but he came in as a transfer. Tide players who have played four full season with a fifth bonus year available to them are below.

  • Justin Eboigbe
  • Jase McClellan
  • Jermaine Burton
  • Roydell Williams
  • Trey Amos
  • Malachi Moore
  • Tim Smith

For some reason, the roster lists Chris Braswell, Seth McLaughlin, Kristian Story, and Quandarrius Robinson as seniors. They have each been enrolled for four years, but they are, in fact, redshirt juniors with two years of eligibility remaining.


Saban generally has a rule of advising underclassmen to go pro if they are given NFL grades of first round or mid to high second round. Alabama has four players who definitely fall in that category and a few more who may be borderline.

  • JC Latham
  • Terrion Arnold
  • Kool-Aid McKinstry
  • Dallas Turner
  • Chris Braswell
  • Justin Eboigbe
  • Tim Smith
  • Deontae Lawson
  • Malachi Moore
  • Jalen Milroe
  • Jermaine Burton


Will Alabama sign any transfers? Perhaps. They have consistently done so every year since Landon Dickerson joined the Crimson Tide in 2019 as a grad transfer.

TE CJ Dippre came over to the Tide from Maryland a few days after Christmas. LB Trezmen Marshall came on board in January of 2023. DBs Key and Trey Amos both signed on after spring practice had concluded. These moves are pretty good indicators that Nick Saban is not shy about adding transfers in either December or after A-Day in April.


Alabama has 21 commitments for the Class of 2024. The class looks like it will total up to around 25.



OUT: Tyler Buchner (trying his hand at lacrosse)
IN: Jalen Milroe? Ty Simpson?, Dylan Lonergan, Eli Holstein?, 5-star Julian Sayin (2024)
SYNOPSIS: It is odd that Milroe’s status has not been a bigger subject of conversation. Florida’s Anthony Richardson had some good performances in his final season in Gainesville, but also had some real stinkers. Even so, he was drafted 4th overall in the 2023 NFL Draft. The Tide’s signal caller has had a much better campaign and finished sixth in the Heisman voting. Yet, there does not seem to be that same buzz. Milroe said on Thursday that he intends to come back for his senior year. However, things could change if he balls out here in the postseason and the NFL money comes a-calling. If Milroe doesn’t return, does the Tide staff trust the stable of quarterbacks left on the roster? There is also a chance one of the reserves leave. If the QB numbers get down to three, Bama may need to make a move. No quarterback in the portal appears to be on Alabama’s radar. If they add someone, it would probably be in the spring.

Running Backs

OUT: Jase McClellan? Roydell Williams?
IN: Jam Miller, Justice Haynes, Richard Young, Bama are looking to sign one or two 2024 uncommitted.
SYNOPSIS: Neither McClellan nor Williams are going to be drafted in the first two rounds. Jase should get picked at some point in the middle to late rounds. Williams may hear his name called late or not at all. Both have a potential bonus season available, but hopefully the Tide staff sees what we at RBR see in the potential of Haynes and Miller. Love these senior guys’ pluck ‘n’ grit, but it might be best if they moved on. If they did and nobody stepped up in the spring, Saban could probably dive into the portal after spring and get a good one.

Wide Receivers

OUT: Jermaine Burton? (NFL), Ja’Corey Brooks (transfer)
IN: Isaiah Bond, Kobe Prentice, Kendrick Law, Jalen Hale, Malik Benson, Emmanuel Henderson, Shazz Preston, Cole Adams, Jaren Hamilton, Ryan Williams (2024), Amari Jefferson (2024), Rico Scott (2024)
SYNOPSIS: Wide receiver is one spot that Bama should have pretty stacked next season. Only Burton and Benson are draft eligible which leaves a large potential rotation in the fall. It is doubtful that Alabama picks up one through the TP, though we may see someone else beside Brooks leave. Burton probably goes pro. His stock won’t get any higher.

Tight Ends

OUT: Transfer(s)?
IN: Amari Niblack, Robbie Ouzts, CJ Dippre, Danny Lewis, Miles Kitselman, Ty Lockwood, Caleb Odom (2024), Jay Lindsey (2024)
SYNOPSIS: Tight end is another group that is pretty well stacked. Yet, eight is probably a few too many to carry. It is highly likely we see one or two transfer out - especially when incoming freshman Odom starts passing veterans on the depth chart.

Offensive Line

OUT: JC Latham (NFL), Darian Dalcourt (grad)
IN: Tyler Booker, Kadyn Proctor, Jaeden Roberts, Seth McLaughlin, Terrence Ferguson, Elijah Pritchett, Miles McVay, James Brockermeyer, Olaus Alinen, Wilkin Formby, Roq Montgomery, Casey Poe (2024), William Sanders (2024), Jo Ionata (2024), potentially Favour Edwin (2024 uncommitted) maybe as soon as today.
SYNOPSIS: He has not declared as of yet, but many draft mockers believe Latham will be a first round pick. Starters Booker, Proctor, and Roberts return. McLaughlin is a bit of a mystery. We have seen many mixed messages on him that lead to believe that he is done with Alabama football after this season. The large amount of youth of this unit casts doubt that any of the reserves would leave except maybe Brockermeyer. If Saban is not happy with the candidates for center or right tackle or depth, we might see a transfer come in, but it might be after spring auditions. Tyler Steen was one who came in in April and became a starter.


OUT: Jaylen Key (grad), Kool-Aid McKinstry (NFL), Terrion Arnold (NFL), Malachi Moore? (NFL), Kristian Story?
IN: Caleb Downs, Trey Amos, DeVonta Smith, Antonio Kite, Earl Little II, Jake Pope, Bray Hubbard, Jahlil Hurley, Tony Mitchell, Dezz Ricks, Jaylen Mbakwe (2024), Peyton Woodyard (2024), Zabien Brown (2024), Jameer Grimsley (2024), Red Morgan (2024), Dre Kirkpatrick Jr. (2024), potentially Zay Mincey (2024 uncommitted)
SYNOPSIS: Again, nobody has declared for the NFL. However, McKinstry and Arnold have a very good chance at being drafted pretty high. Moore had a really strong season and might make that jump. Along with Key’s graduation, that is a lot of positions to fill. The Tide has some talent in the secondary but a lot of green. All signs point to Amos coming back for a Super Senior season. Story has a bonus year but he had some struggles and it doesn’t feel like Bama would use up a roster spot on him.


OUT: Dallas Turner (NFL), Chris Braswell (NFL), Trezmen Marshall?
IN: Deontae Lawson?, Jihaad Campbell, Quandarrius Robinson, Kendrick Blackshire, Justin Jefferson, Jeremiah Alexander, Shawn Murphy, Keanu Koht, Ian Jackson, Keon Keeley, Yhonzae Pierre, Qua Russaw, Sterling Dixon (2024), Cayden Jones (2024), Justin Okoronkwo (2024), Quinton Reese (2024), potentially one or two more 2024 recruits.
SYNOPSIS: Turner is a first rounder. Braswell has a fifth year, but he had a breakout season and probably goes pro. Lawson and Marshall would probably be third day picks. Lawson should probably return. Marshall got passed up by Campbell this fall. Which leads to the question: would Saban use a precious scholarship on a likely back-up? Third year player Ian Jackson has not played this season and is a candidate for departing. Saban brought in Marshall and Henry To’o To’o for the middle. It is not out of the realms of possibilities that he does it again.

Defensive Line

OUT: Justin Eboigbe? (NFL), Tim Smith? (NFL), reserves Anquin Barnes and Isaiah Hastings (transfer out)
IN: Jaheim Oatis, Tim Keenan, Jah-Marien Latham, Damon Payne, James Smith, Khurtiss Perry, Monkell Goodwine, Jordan Renaud, Edric Hill, Hunter Osborne, Jeremiah Beaman (2024), Isaia Faga (2024), potentially Steve Mboumoua (2024 uncommitted), potentially one more 2024 uncommitted, potential transfer?
SYNOPSIS: Eboigbe and Smith both have a Super Senior season available to them. Eboigbe has upped his stock this fall and will get drafted if he declares. If Smith goes pro, he could be selected late or may have to go the free agent route. Goodwine has seen little playing time in three seasons. Might he be the next DL to leave? Perry has not played much in his two seasons. Alabama has four true freshmen but only Smith played with regularity this season. Since Bama likes to rotate defensive linemen, they are looking for help. Texas A&M’s LT Overton is visiting Alabama this weekend.


OUT: Will Reichard (grad)
IN: Punter James Burnip, Kicker Conor Talty, LS Kneeland Hibbett.
SYNOPSIS: It is doubtful anything changes here outside of preferred walk-ons coming in.

The Transfer Portal closes on Jan 2.


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