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The Machine: Will Reichard stands alone as NCAA’s all-time leading scorer

Lost amidst the fallout of ‘Bama’s playoff fortunes, Will Reichard claimed an impressive milestone

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Think back to some of Alabama’s most prolific scorers — Shaun Alexander? Najee Harris? Tua Tagovailoa? Maybe a kicker like Phillip Doyle?

Will Reichard, the steady big-legged RS Senior from Birmingham, and his 539 points, towers above them all. In fact, the next closest ‘Bama player, Leigh Tiffin is a hundred and fifty points behind Will.

But, there’s no shame in having Will outscore you. Because as of Saturday afternoon, there’s literally no one in the history of college football that can claim to be a more prolific scorer than Reichard.

With his first quarter field goal against Georgia, Will Reichard now claims the crown as the NCAA’s all-time leading scorer. From the first game between Rutgers and Princeton in 1869 to the present, no one has banged more in, crossed more goal lines, made more of a contribution to the bottom line in the preceding 154 years.

And the stats are simply staggering. For his career, Will is 99.3% on extra point attempts (293 of 295). He is 82 of 98 on FGA — a career 84% kicker. He has taken and made more 40+ yard kicks than anyone in college football since Sebastian Janikowski 25 years ago. He averages 63.68 yards on kickoffs, out of 65 available yards. When he wants to bury them, he can do so — notching a touchback on 54% of his attempts. He has put the ball in the field of play on 371 out 380 kickoffs, an unreal 97.7%.

And his blood his icy. Reichard is at his best when the makes are long. He will be missed, because the Groza Award finalist leaves not just an Alabama legend, but a college football legend.


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