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Lou Groza Award voters screw Will Reichard. Again.

Disrespected. Again.

NCAA Football: SEC Football Championship-Georgia at Alabama Gary Cosby Jr.-USA TODAY Sports

At this point, Will Reichard has to be asking himself, “What else can I possibly do?”

On Wednesday night, the Lou Groza Award went to Miami of Ohio PK Graham Nicholson, a player with one career make over 50 yards (and only three attempts), who missed one of his meagre 36 extra point attempts, and racked up 2/3rds of his 26 FGA from inside 37 yards.

Ignore that Will Reichard has made and attempted more difficult kicks than anyone since Sebastian Janikowski, that he has made more 50+ kicks this season alone than both of his competitors. Combined. Ignore that in 2020, despite being perfect on the year, the Groza Award went elsewhere; and that this year. he had the volume and accuracy and length. Forget that Reichard just became the most prolific scorer in the 154-year history of college football.

Forget that Will Reichard was doing it on the nation’s biggest stage, with four of his kicks providing the direct margin of victory for four Crimson Tide victories en route to a 12-1 SEC Championship season and Playoff berth.

And forget that Reichard wasn’t playing against children in the MAC, kicking short freebies against f’n future Kia salesmen; he was kicking against future NFL defenders.

Forget all of that.

What else can this most disrespected of players do?

There is little further in college Will can do: he can’t fix the abject stupidity of third parties who look at stat lines and think short MAC kicks are equivalent to booming 50-yarders against the Georgias of the world.

They say that the best revenge is to live well. And in that vein, there is one last thing Will can do: Tackle the “Bama fatigue” head on…and, you know the rest.


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