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Come On R10:

...listen to the wheel this way...

Eternal Instigator
My Kingdom for a Melody

A miracle only once in a while... happens for our beloved Crimson Tide. When you’re the standard, you don’t often need miracles. I’m hesitant to name (m)any that have happened for us (I mean, the best defense in the country made The Goal Line Stand, the best kicker in the country made The Kick, the best QB in the country passed us past the ‘barn in 2021). But Jalen Milroe’s pass to beat the booger pickers this season, and — more significantly — Jalen Milroe himself are absolutely miraculous. I’m a little less embarrassed than I should be (only because the majority of ‘Bama fans and at least a few coaches and players doubted him) to admit that leading into the season, even during it, I was highly doubtful that #4 could lead us to a championship of any type. And just look at him now, leader of the ultimate revenge tour and author of The Milroe Miracle at jerdin hair. I can’t imagine that he’ll ever not be one of my all-time favorite players to don the crimson jersey. So, let’s salute Mr. Jalen Milroe, offer him our apologies, and gift each other our meager musical collections on this glorious post-SEC Championship weekend. Play ‘em if you got ‘em, people! Roll Tide!

  1. Random Name Generator by Wilco
  2. Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler) by Marvin Gaye (RIP)
  3. Tear In My Heart by twenty one pilots
  4. Gimme That Money by The Math Club (feat. Craig Smith & Relaye)
  5. Spiderhead by Cage the Elephant
  6. Vicar In a Tutu by The Smiths
  7. Forever Dumb by Surf Curse
  8. Beginning to See the Light by The Velvet Underground
  9. Cabin Down Below (Acoustic Version) by Tom Petty
  10. U****k You by Bash & Pop