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Alabama vs Auburn and College Gameday Live Thread

#3 Alabama Crimson Tide (21-3, 11-0 SEC) at Auburn Tigers (17-7, 7-4 SEC)

NCAA Basketball: Alabama at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

We are going to get the party started a little bit early today, as College Gameday kicks off live from Neville Arena at 10:00 AM CST this morning. This will be Alabama’s first ever time being featured on the basketball version - the better version (#MakeGamedayGreatAgain) - of the show, so I figured it would be a fun way to start the day. So, get those mimosas and Bloody Marys flowing and get ready for an epic day down on the Plains. Auburn is certainly ready for their Super Bowl:

There’s also some extra heat to this one after Auburn’s clownery from last year:

NCAA Basketball: Alabama at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

JQ had enough of it earlier this season:

Noah Clowney took a shot to the face during the Florida game Wednesday night, but it seems he avoided any kind of concussion and will be ready to go today:

The game, of course, tips-off at 1:00 PM CST and will be televised on ESPN. Alabama is a perilous 2.5-point favorite in this one, which is a bit terrifying. It will take the Tide’s very best to go into that tiny but raucous venue and come away with a win. Auburn voodoo is very much a thing, and those guys want nothing more than to get a win over Big Brother.

Hopefully, none of that ends up mattering and Alabama shows those jabronis and the nation at-large that the best basketball program in the state resides in Tuscaloosa.