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Brandon Miller’s Lawyer Releases Statement on Miller’s Activities in Miles Incident

Rep claims total compliance and “no knowledge of any intent”. The University of Alabama releases statement of their own.

Alabama v Arkansas Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Late Wednesday afternoon, an attorney for Alabama basketball star Brandon Miller released a statement describing the ‘FACTS SURROUNDING BRANDON MILLER’S PRESENSE AT SCENE OF SHOOTING ON JANUARY 15th”.

By now, you are familiar with the tragic incident in question. Therefore I will not rehash it here but you can read about details here.

The University of Alabama Athletics have also released a statement:

Over the last 24 hours, Several sports reporters who call themselves “journalists” have been making assumptions and twisting words in order to get their clicks. It has been a disgusting display with armchair lawyers calling for the heads of Miller, head coach Nate Oats, and even teammate Jaden Bradley. Action from Miller’s camp was necessitated. Thus, we have this statement release which should clear things up.

The accusations and implications made could damage Miller’s NBA Draft stock. If so, we may some defamation lawsuits against some pretty well-known scribblers in the near future.