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Victory Thread Arkansas: How Sweep It Is!

Alabama pounded the post in the second half to dominate a back-and-forth game that was every bit as tough as advertised.

Syndication: Tuscaloosa News Gary Cosby Jr.-Tuscaloosa News / USA TODAY NETWORK

Call it ugly and sloppy.
Call it a tale of two halves.
Call it ‘Bama trying to give away a late 12-point lead.
Call it two well-coached teams capitalizing on all of their opponents mistakes.
Call it elite defenses from two potential Final Four teams showing why they are going to be hell in March.
Call it great adjustment on a night when neither team could hit a perimeter shot.
Call it an individual battle between Devo Davis and Brandon Miller.
Call it Alabama having the best player on the floor tonight in Noah Clowney.
Call it the Return of Q.
Call it clutch free throw shooting to seal the game.

And whatever you call it, call it a sweep of the Hogs and detestable, loudmouth Eric Musselman in what has easily become the most bitter basketball rivalry in the SEC.

This was appointment viewing.
This was post-season basketball on the last week of February. We’ve not seen the last of the Razorbacks, you can be sure of that.
This was a war.

And, man, this one feels good.

Roll Tide!