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Jumbo Package: Todd McShay “scared to death” by Bryce Young height, Pac 12 falling apart

Your latest Crimson Tide news and notes.

NCAA Football: Sugar Bowl-Kansas State at Alabama Gary Cosby Jr.-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Tuesday, everyone. Alabama is still ranked 2nd in this week’s AP poll, as the top 5 were unchanged. The Tide garnered 5 first place votes.

The NFL Combine starts today, with much of the action televised on NFL Network if you are so inclined. Todd McShay said that Bryce’s official height is indeed a major red flag.

But as the 2023 NFL Combine is set to get started in Indianapolis on Tuesday, ESPN’s Todd McShay revealed that Young’s official height has been measured at 5-10.5, which would make him one of the shortest starting quarterbacks next season. McShay didn’t hold back his thoughts on how he thinks this should make some general managers for teams at the top of draft feel.

“If I’m a GM, I’m scared to death of drafting him,” McShay said.

He is still likely to go high, but it will be interesting to see how much the media types tear him down through the process, after building him up for his whole college career.

The Big Ten is picking at the carcass of the Pac 12, as no television networks seem to want them without Los Angeles.

The conference is expected to target schools that are current members of the Pac-12, according to a report by college football insider Matt Hayes.

Big Ten officials want to pursue at least two and up to four Pac-12 universities for membership.

That list of four includes Oregon, Washington, California, and Stanford, with the Big Ten zeroing in on Washington and Oregon as its preferred options for realignment.

The silk gloves have come off in media rights negotiations between Amazon and the Pac-12 Conference. And here comes the steel fist that’s helped make Amazon the country’s dominant e-commerce company.

Amazon is “playing hardball” in media rights negotiations with the hapless college conference, sources told Front Office Sports.

The tech giant is holding out for the best game matchups and best financial terms, sources said.

Founder Jeff Bezos’ Amazon didn’t grow to $513 billion in annual revenue by playing nice. If the Pac-12 thinks it’s going to get rich from Amazon, they’re mistaken, sources said.

If Washington and Oregon bolt, calling what’s left a “Power Five” league is a bigger joke than the future Big 12.

Bill Connelly notes behind a paywall that Tennessee had the best fortune in the nation in terms of defensed passes not becoming interceptions.

Upon whom did the god of dropped interceptions smile the most? Here are the five offenses that saw under 10% of their defensed passes intercepted.

131. Tennessee (6.7% of passes defensed were INTs, -3.8 INTs over expected)

130. FAU (7.1%, -5.1)

129. Texas A&M (8.2%, -5.4)

128. Duke (8.3%, -6.5)

127. East Carolina (8.8%, -6.0)

That doesn’t even count game sealing interceptions that were overturned by awful, late calls made by back judges that were 30 yards from the action. In all, Alabama finished outside the top 100 in turnover luck last season, which undoubtedly contributed to some of the close games.

Last, Nate Oats just can’t help himself. He’s a shit talker who talks shit.

In case you haven’t seen what he is talking about, check out this six minute video. Iowa overcame a 13 point deficit with 90 seconds left to win the game.

That’s about it for now. Have a great day.

Roll Tide.