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Hear Their Heartbeat R10:

We hear their heartbeat...

Stretched over black and blue...
Irish Examiner

Hello, friends. I hope today finds you and your loved ones safe, sound, and full of joy. A couple of us here at RBR had an old friend taken from us this week, so the opening hymn on this week’s R10 seems quite appropriate, chronologically as well as in message and mood. Of course, a true Random 10 won’t stay somber for long, and IMO neither should we. Life is too short, my friends, so carpe the hell out of each diem and soak up all the love & happiness you can. Peace.

  1. Mothers of the Disappeared (Live in Tokyo, 2019) by U2
  2. Live This Wild (Official Video) by Lil Mosey
  3. Village Gorilla Head by Tommy Stinson
  4. Fantastic Voyage (Official Video)by Lakeside
  5. Queens of Noise (Live Video) by The Runaways
  6. You’re No Good (Midnight Special, ‘73) by Linda Ronstadt
  7. Lavender Haze (Official Video) by Taylor Swift
  8. Back in the Day (Puff) (Live & Pregnant) by Erykah Badu
  9. I Saw the Light (Live w/ Friends) by Hank Williams
  10. Changes (Life Aquatic Version) by Seu Jorge

Bonus: Everything Is Everything (Official Video) by Lauryn Hill