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Stay For The Open Hand R10:

...or let it all go...

Old enough to know...

Damned if I know... much of anything, but I’m thrilled to live through another week on this wild planet and land here with you once again at the RBR Random 10. Y’all know how much we love for you to provide us with your own ten tantalizing tunes in the comment section, so please give us what we want, ya dig? It’s all or nothing...

  1. Stay by Tears for Fears
  2. How Am I Different? by Aimee Mann (Video: Live at Fleadh Cheoil)
  3. 2z Don Corleon by Lil 2z (NSFW)
  4. Breakdown by Tom Petty (Video: Live, ‘77)
  5. You Really Got Me by Van Halen (Official Video)
  6. Une année sans lumiére by Arcade Fire
  7. Fishing Blues by Taj Mahal
  8. Automatic by Prince (Official Video)
  9. Thank You by Led Zeppelin
  10. The Passenger by Iggy Pop (Official Video)

Bonus: Burn Rubber On Me (Why You Wanna Hurt Me Bad) by The Gap Band (Official Video)