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Midnight Sun R10:

Well, I heard the crowd singing out of tune...

Lovers flying through the air...
Louder Sound

Do ya, do ya want my mind... on my money and my money on my mind? Well, too freakin’ bad, ‘cause it’s another Friday and time to take ten tunes and turn ‘em out for my peeps! Y’all better do it, too, though, ‘cause if I’m the only one playing, it just gets kinda weird...

  1. Do Ya by Electric Light Orchestra
  2. Surgeon’s Girl by Wire
  3. They Say I’m Different by Betty Davis
  4. 29 by Demi Lovato
  5. Spirits in the Material World by The Police
  6. Money Conversations by A Boogie wit da Hoodie
  7. Candy Says by The Velvet Underground
  8. Monolith by T. Rex
  9. Murmullo by Buena Vista Social Club
  10. Blackbird by The Beatles

Bonus: Stray by Fetchin’ Bones