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Alabama Football Roster Tracker 2023: Over 85?

It sure looks like the Crimson Tide is over the limit... again! But he has until fall to get it right.

Alabama Spring Football Game
Nick Saban would have made an excellent accountant.
Photo by Brandon Sumrall/Getty Images

By now, it is almost a rite of spring that Nick Saban’s scholarship numbers appear to be over the 85-scholarship limit. By RBR’s count, the Crimson Tide will be over by four once the final four freshmen enroll this summer.


[The classes for returning players are listed according to what has on their roster. The newcomers who are not on the official roster as of yet are our additions. Numbers represent the count, not jersey numbers.]


1 DB Caleb Downs, Fr.
2 DB Brayson Hubbard, Fr.
3 DB Jahlil Hurley, Fr.
4 DB Tony Mitchell, Fr.
5 DB Dezz Ricks, Fr.
6 DB Antonio Kite, R-Fr.
7 DB Earl Little, R-Fr.
8 DB Jake Pope, R-Fr.
9 DB Terrion Arnold, R-So.
10 DB Kool-Aid McKinstry, Jr.
11 DB DeVonta Smith, Jr.
12 DB Trey Amos, Jr. (Spring transfer)
13 DB Kristian Story, Sr.
14 DB Malachi Moore, Sr.
15 DB Jaylen Key, Gr. (Spring transfer)


16 DL Hunter Osborne, Fr.
17 DL James Smith, Fr.
18 DL Jordan Renaud, Fr.
19 DL Edric Hill, Fr.
20 DL Khurtiss Perry, R-Fr.
21 DL Isaiah Hastings, R-Fr.
22 DL Jaheim Oatis, So.
23 DL Damon Payne, R-So.
24 DL Anquin Barnes, R-So.
25 DL Monkell Goodwine, R-So.
26 DL Tim Keenan, R-So.
27 DL Jah-Marien Latham, R-Jr.
28 DL Jamil Burroughs, R-Jr.
29 DL Tim Smith, Sr.
30 DL Justin Eboigbe, R-Sr.


31 LB Qua Russaw, Fr.
32 LB Keon Keeley, Fr. (Summer enrollee)
33 LB Yhonzae Pierre, Fr. (Summer enrollee)
34 LB Jeremiah Alexander, R-Fr.
35 LB Shawn Murphy, R-Fr.
36 LB Jihaad Campbell, So.
37 LB Keanu Koht, R-So.
38 LB Deontae Lawson, R-So.
39 LB Ian Jackson, R-So.
40 LB Dallas Turner, Jr.
41 LB Justin Jefferson, Jr.
42 LB Kendrick Blackshire, Jr.
43 LB Trezmen Marshall, Sr.
44 LB Quandarrius Robinson, Sr.
45 LB Chris Braswell, Sr.


46 OL Miles McVay, Fr.
47 OL Roq Montgomery, Fr.
48 OL Olaus Alinen, Fr.
49 OL Kadyn Proctor, Fr.
50 OL Wilkin Formby, Fr.
51 OL Elijah Pritchett, R-Fr.
52 OL Tyler Booker, So.
53 OL James Brockermeyer, R-So.
54 OL Terrence Ferguson, R-So.
55 OL Jaeden Roberts, R-So.
56 OL JC Latham, Jr.
57 OL Seth McLaughlin, Sr.
58 OL Darrian Dalcourt, Gr.


59 P James Burnip, R-Jr.
60 PK Will Reichard, Gr.
61 PK Conor Talty, Fr. (Summer enrollee)


62 QB Eli Holstein, Fr.
63 QB Dylan Lonergan, Fr.
64 QB Ty Simpson, R-Fr.
65 QB Jalen Milroe, R-So.
66 QB Tyler Buchner, R-So. (Spring transfer)


67 RB Justice Haynes, Fr.
68 RB Richard Young, Fr. (Summer enrollee)
69 RB Jam Miller, So.
70 RB Jase McClellan, Sr.
71 RB Roydell Williams, Sr.


72 TE Ty Lockwood, Fr.
73 TE Danny Lewis, R-Fr.
74 TE Amari Niblack, So.
75 TE Robbie Ouzts, Jr.
76 TE CJ Dippre, Jr.
77 TE Miles Kitselman, Jr.


78 WR Cole Adams, Fr.
79 WR Jaren Hamilton, Fr.
80 WR Jalen Hale, Fr.
81 WR Shazz Preston, R-Fr.
82 WR Isaiah Bond, So.
83 WR Kendrick Law, So.
84 WR Emmanuel Henderson, So.
85 WR Kobe Prentice, So.
86 WR Ja’Corey Brooks, Jr.
87 WR Malik Benson, Jr.
88 WR Thaiu Jones-Bell, R-Jr.
89 WR Jermaine Burton, Sr.


You may have noticed the asterisk (*) by the Special Teams category. It has long been debated as to whether punter James Burnip is on full scholarship or he just takes one in the spring when a teammate departs. After a good 2022 season, it would seem reasonable that he deserves a full ride. The other question is the status of incoming freshman Conor Talty. It is widely believed that Will Reichard is on scholarship.

A much smaller debate is in regards to the status of tight end Miles Kitselman.

Due to student privacy rules, this information is not available to the public.


The following is based on opinion and speculation only.

  • WR Thaiu Jones-Bell (RS-Jr.) - With four career receptions, 19 yards, and no scores in three seasons, TJB has been passed up by several younger players and will probably be looking at the back of Jalen Hale’s jersey as well this fall.
  • LB Quandarrius Robinson (RS-Jr.) - Most of his action has come on special teams. Many outlets list him behind Dallas Turner on their depth charts at the Sam linebacker but how long until Jeremiah Alexander, Keon Keeley and/or Yhonzae Pierre pass him up?
  • S Kristian Story (RS-Jr.) - Oh man, it hurts to add this name to the list but Alabama is suddenly stacked in the secondary. Story has been a stalwart on special teams in the last two seasons. Caleb Downs seems like a slam dunk for one of the safety spots. Saban would not bring in grad transfer Jaylen Key unless he expected him to contribute at a high level. There is still much to figure out position-wise in the secondary.
  • DB DeVonta Smith (True Jr.) - He is in the same boat as Story and is probably behind his teammate in the pecking order. He too plays a good deal of special teams.
  • Jah-Marien Latham (RS-Jr.) - Alabama likes to rotate their defensive linemen and Latham was among the rotation in 2022. However, he did not contribute much (1 solo, 2 asst). Plus, being 275 lbs in not an asset. Besides the other returning linemen, freshmen James Smith and Jordan Renaud will be charging this fall as well.
  • One of the quarterbacks? - Has Alabama ever carried five scholarship quarterbacks? Someone with some time on their hands can research it but the smart guess is that it has not occurred since limit went from 95 to 85 in 1994. Tyler Buchner, Eli Holstein, and Dylan Lonergan just got to Tuscaloosa. It’s doubtful one of them departs. That leaves Ty Simpson or Jalen Milroe... or nobody transferring out.
  • Not so long ago, it seemed ridiculous for a second year player to skip town. But thanks to the idiocy of the NCAA, it is becoming a normal occurrence. Younger players who are buried in the depth chart include WR Emmanuel Henderson (True-Soph.), DL Damon Payne (RS-Soph.), DL Anquin Barnes (RS-Soph. - has yet to play), DL Monkell Goodwine (RS-Soph.), LB Ian Jackson (RS-Soph.), OL Jaeden Roberts (RS-Soph.), DB Antonio Kite (RS-Fr.), WR Shazz Preston (RS-Fr.).

* Just to clear up a point: the transfer portal is now closed and the rule says that any undergraduate looking to transfer now would have to sit out a year. However, the person can request a “hardship” waiver and the NCAA hasn’t rejected one since after Jahvon Quinerly arrived in T-town. If a guy has not transferred once before and is in good academic and social standings, there is a good chance of the request being granted. Additionally, graduate transfers can enter the portal at any time and do not have to sit out. Alabama RS-juniors have been enrolled for three or more (if they enrolled early) years. Including summer classes, some may have earned a degree or will by the time this year’s summer term ends.

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