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Jumbo Package: Gump Day!

Alabama Freshman DB Tony Mitchell given probation

NCAA Football: Sugar Bowl-Kansas State at Alabama Andrew Wevers-USA TODAY Sports

When detailing his vacation to reporters, Saban revealed that football fans across the pond were very welcoming, with many shouting a celebratory “Roll Tide!” after catching a glimpse of the 71-year-old.

In addition to the positive cheers he received, Saban admitted some “other SEC fans” jeered him while overseas.

“You know, it’s something to say about the brand that we have. An iconic brand, the Crimson Tide. I got Roll Tide’d in Venice, Florence, Rome and the Amalfi Coast, so that’s everywhere I went,” Saban said with a smile. “I got a few jilts from other SEC fans. They didn’t post that part.”

As long as people keeping hating on Alabama all over the country (and even the world), we’ll know that we’re still on top. It’s when people stop caring enough to know who we are that we need to be worried.

Alabama freshman defensive back Tony Mitchell will plead “no contest” Wednesday in a Florida court on a felony marijuana possession charge.

Mitchell, who was arrested March 15 in Holmes County, will receive probation and drug counseling, his attorney Waylon Graham told on Tuesday.

At this point, it seems pretty unlikely that Mitchell gets any playing time this year. By the sound of things, though, it seems he’s working to get everything resolved, and hopefully that bodes well for him to make his way out of suspension and be ready to contribute in 2024.

Legendary Alabama Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban recently tried to use his coaching talents to teach an entirely different sport.

Saban had several Alabama players at his charity golf tournament in Birmingham, and took the opportunity to try and improve their golf game.

Malachi Moore and Kool-Aid McKinstry were the lucky beneficiaries of his coaching technique. And of course, photos and videos quickly made the internet.

For some lighthearted offseason fun, here’s Saban teaching some players how to golf. And OF COURSE they’re both defensive backs. And of course they’re bullying the defensive lineman about it:

This was, to be honest, an even more difficult task than I imagined. We’ve seen single-season explosions from the Cam Newtons of the world, and we’ve seen controlled, four- or five-year fires from Case Keenums and Baker Mayfields that produced seemingly untouchable career totals. How do you compare a Keenum or Kellen Moore to a Newton or Joe Burrow? Very carefully! I’m sure you will not disagree with a single one of the picks below!

Let’s get started.

Bill Connelly released his list of College footballs best QBs since 2000, and 5 Alabama QBs made the cut. AJ McCarron, Jalen Hurts, Tua Tagovailoa, Mac Jones, and Bryce Young all joined the likes of Cam Newton, Vince Young, and Tim Tebow on the list.

I do think Connelly significantly overrated Johnny Manziel, but to each his own.

Tommy Rees has arrived to run the offense in Tuscaloosa. After working for Brian Kelly and Marcus Freeman in South Bend, the 30-year-old former quarterback at Notre Dame is hoping to become the next Nick Saban assistant coach to find a head coaching job. Rees spent three years calling plays at Notre Dame but never had an offense finish inside the top 30 in yards per play and only once finished inside the top 20 in points per drive.

On defense, Saban reunited with Miami defensive coordinator Kevin Steele who previously had two different stints working under the head coach from 2007-08 and 2013-14. The 65-year-old Tennessee alum served as defensive coordinator at LSU (2015), Auburn (2016-20), and Miami (2022) in recent seasons. Steele is familiar with Saban and speaks the same language. This felt like a very safe hire by the Hall of Fame head coach.

There might not be a Lane Kiffin or Kirby Smart on the Alabama staff this year, but Saban appeared to bring in two safe coordinators with high floors into the program. Saban knows what he’s getting on defense, and Rees produced results in South Bend despite not ever having a great quarterback or wide receiver situation. Part of that is on him for not landing the talent via recruiting, but he’s been able to produce winning results behind strong offensive lines and outstanding tight end production.

If Alabama is going to make some more legitimate runs at national titles over the next few seasons, both of these new coordinators will need to deliver. Saban may have not hit home runs in the coaching carousel, but he may have connected on a pair of doubles.

Sometimes it’s pretty helpful to look at breakdowns of Alabama from opposing team blog sites. It offers a neutral-ish perspective from the outside that we may not always see from up close. This is a really good article from On3’s Kentucky site breaking down Alabama’s situation in a lot of different aspects.

Top100 quarterback Antwann Hill Jr., one of the elite prospects in the class of 2025, announced on Tuesday that he’ll be in Tuscaloosa on June 1.

“I’m just amazed just seeing all the hard work I’ve put in, just having a great season,” the Warner Robins (Ga.) Houston County product told BamaOnLine when he was offered earlier this spring. “Showing that God really put his hands on me. It’s a blessing to see all my hard work paying off. I’m grateful for the opportunity.”

Hill sat down in the QB room with new offensive coordinator Tommy Rees, who told him he wants to start building a relationship with the rising junior passer.

“I like that he’s family-oriented,” Hill said of Rees. “He was teaching me ins and outs of the game. Then just him going over some of my film, telling me things I should work on, then giving me some tips and pointers and things he’d like to see. He said some good things about why he liked my film, too.”

Hill also liked hearing Nick Saban talk to the group in the team-meeting room.

“Being in Coach Saban’s presence … he knows how to coach first round QBs,” Hill said. “Just knowing what it takes to the get to the league. He was telling us the ins and outs of what goes on in the NFL. He said they try to find reasons not to draft you.”

Finally, Alabama is already working on 2025 QB Antwann Hill to follow up Julian Sayin in 2024. Recruiting never sleeps.

Roll Tide!