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UPDATED: Bohannon was allegedly in contact with gambler at Ohio sportsbook during irregularities

Termination comes amid gambling investigation by the State of Ohio

Roger Pat Myers

BREAKING: Yup. Looks like Coach Bo was directly feeding insider info to wagerers in Ohio. This is bad-bad folks. If true, that’s federal wire fraud, racketeering, criminal conspiracy, and they’ll likely throw a tax evasion charge on there for good measure.

Alabama Athletics in 2023 has been a reverse Midas touch of misery. Almost everything the Tide has touched has turned to shit. Multiple arrests of recruits and athletes, under-performance in key sports, dilatory administrative responses to PR disasters, one player involved in a capital murder, and on and on and on.

Add one more to the pile of misery:

Coach Bo’s termination comes in the midst of a bizarre week that has seen one state regulatory body suspend all action on ‘Bama baseball games after some “irregularities” and a huge wager over the weekend.

The State of Ohio started sniffing around, every book in the country and offshore suspended all action on the Tide.

Apparently Greg Byrne saw some real fire behind the smoke in these allegations — or an internal investigation unearthed something else truly awful. In either case, speculation will abound. We shall not do so, but there is an ill wind that seems to be pointing in a certain direction.

For the Tide, it’s a huge blow. Coach Bo, as he was affectionately known, had brought instant respectability to Bama baseball, infused the program with talent, and took UA back to Hoover and postseason play with regularity. The long-time fixture on SEC coaching staffs, this was Coach Bo’s first skipper job. He departs with a 166–124 (.572) record, and Hoover appearances in all four of his complete seasons. He posted a .500 record in SECCT play, and the Tide was 1-2 in Regional action.

Coach Jackson has immediately assumed his responsibilities, but man, I’m ready to end everything for 2022-2023. What a miserable year for athletics...and another reputational black eye for my alma mater.