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BASKETBALL: Grant Nelson makes it official: He’s coming to ‘Bama!

And Arkansas’s salty tears shall brine the earth.

NCAA Basketball: Summit Conference Tournament-North Dakota State vs South Dakota State Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Huge, huge news today.

Grant Nelson’s eligibility delay has finally been remedied, and he can make it official: The smooth-shooting, rim defending big man from North Dakota State is coming to Alabama!

Grant has a good handle on the ball, a nice perimeter game, is fantastic within 8 feet, is an agile passer, and runs the floor better than you would expect for someone of his size.

Is Nelson the perfect player? Platonically, of course not. Everyone needs work. But he’s the perfect player for this system and this team at this point in time.

And it will also make Arkansas mad AF.

Roll Damn Grant Nelson