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FOCO Releases Alabama Roll Tide Overalls

Anyone planning to gump to a standard will need these.

Roll ‘Bama Roll has recently partnered with FOCO, a sports apparel and collectible company that is probably best known for bobbleheads but offers much more than that. Today, they have dropped perhaps the most gumpalicious garment of clothing imaginable. Seriously, check these out, and while you’re there browse all of the Alabama swag they have available.

FOCO’s description:

The University of Alabama is one of the most well known and dominant schools in college sports. Their football program is legendary and they are often talked about as one of the best party schools and schools with the best Greek life.This undoubtedly has led to a rowdy game day culture and huge game day parties. Over the last few years Alabama overalls have become a popular option for fans to wear to games and parties alike to stand out and support the crimson tide. But options on where to get a great pair of Alabama overalls are limited and have led to some people even making their own.

Luckily the choice is simple now, FOCO has just released their first ever pair of red and white Alabama overalls and they feature everything you could ask for. First and foremost they prominently feature the team’s colors and logo, crucial on game day. They also have large pockets and a comfortable relaxed fit for multiple layers and long days at Bryant-Denny Stadium. All this makes them an absolute must have for the upcoming season.

You can get yours here for only $70.

Roll Tide!