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Jumbo Package: Ty Simpson is putting in work

Your latest Crimson Tide news and notes.

NCAA Football: Alabama Spring Game Gary Cosby-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Monday, everyone. Alabama landed a couple of defensive commitments over the weekend in Justin Okoronkwo from Germany and Zabien Brown from the same Mater Dei High school that produced Bryce Young.

QB Country training and development posted a video of Ty Simpson working on his mechanics, and Alabama fans took notice.

For his money, Clint Lamb thinks that Ty will be the man in the fall.

“But I think Ty Simpson, right now, would probably be my favorite. Just because I think he’s got a great command of the offense. I think the thumb injury did affect him during A Day quite a bit. But, he had a couple of drives where he was really able to string together some quality plays. And I know that’s something Tommy Rees looks for out of his quarterbacks. So, as far as being the best representation of a quarterback that can thrive in Tommy Rees’ system, I would probably say Ty Simpson, even though I also think Buchner could survive as well,” Lamb said.

“We’ll just have to wait and see how it plays out. But right now I would probably go with Ty Simpson.”

Guess we will see.

Josh Pate thinks that Ty was the plan, but that ball security in the spring was an issue.

I kind of agree with that assessment, and if that’s the case then Buchner is more of a contingency plan in case Ty doesn’t progress in that area. Jalen Milroe is obviously still in the mix, but will need to show substantial growth as a passer to play winning football.

Andy Staples and J.D. PicKell think that most people are underselling Alabama because there isn’t an established starter, and that definitely seems to be the case. The video below should start at 13:24, but navigate there if it doesn’t for you.

People seem to forget that Alabama won national titles after QB competitions in 2011 and 2015. This doesn’t even mention 2020, when many folks wondered if Bryce Young would unseat Mac Jones in camp, nor 2016 when Alabama came oh so close to another national title following a heated QB battle.

Phil Steele has Alabama 4th coming into the season.

In Steele’s rankings, there’s a bit of a surprise near the top. Below are his full top 40 going into the fall.

Phil Steele reveals Preseason Top 40

1. Georgia

2. Clemson

3. Michigan

4. Alabama

5. Ohio State

Seems like a bit of a reach, but we’ll take it.

Last, I hope this is the most disturbing thing you see today because, well, it’s quite unsettling.

In a once-a-year tradition dubbed “the carwash,” the first player said that some players would stand naked at the entrance to the showers and spin around, forcing those entering the showers to “basically (rub) up against a bare-naked man.” Upon entering the showers, the player alleged that players set up a hose they connected to the shower to spray people.

“It’s extremely painful,” the player said.

The player also alleged that he witnessed and was forced to participate in what he called a naked center-quarterback exchange, wherein a freshman quarterback was forced to take an under-center snap from a freshman center, while both players were naked.

The player said that on one instance, another player was “very vocally adamant” about not wanting to participate in this exchange. Older players threatened to “run him” if he refused and there was “no other option,” according to the player.

“He was forced to engage in this,” the player said. “I wish I would have told him to transfer, because this is an absolutely abusive environment, and an environment in which the safety and well-being of players is not protected at all.”

There was reportedly a hand signal when a player was to be the next subject of the hazing, and head coach Pat Fitzgerald was seen using it. If true, he probably won’t stay employed.

That’s about it for today. Have a great week.

Roll Tide.