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Alabama Roll Tide Crossword Puzzle

Crimson Tide off-season fun.

Hey, honey. What’s a four letter word for a maniacal Bama fan, starts with a ‘G’ ends in a ‘P’?”

Hello, Gumps! If you love Alabama and love crosswords then I have a treat for you. Below is an Alabama Crimson Tide themed crossword puzzle. Not every question is about Alabama but I think you’ll figure it out.

Sorry, phone addicts. You will have to go old school and print this out.

[ED.NOTE: This is my first attempt at creating a crossword puzzle and it is not as easy as you might think. So if you are one of those a-holes who feels it necessary to bring up some BS semantics to try and correct me (you know who you are), I swear to gawd I’m going to hunt you down and stab you in the neck with a rusty fork. Other than that, enjoy!]

The answers will be posted on Monday.



1 Roll ___

5 The Voice of Alabama

8 Back-to-back National Championship? ___ there, done that

12 Adam and Eve got the boot from here

13 A seat for your pet while you watch Bama on TV

14 Of or relating to aircraft

15 Sports writer Tommy of The Tuscaloosa News

16 A rock music genre characterized by wearing all black and feeling sad and stuff

17 A strap Santa uses to guide deer

18 With an indefinite article, something you don’t want to find on your body

20 Will’s new boss

22 What you might hear if you yell out from atop a cliff at Lake Nicol

24 What Saban probably should not have called at the end of the 2013 Iron Bowl (too soon?), abbr.

25 Where you can find Cougars in Pullman, abbr.

28 Joe Namath’s center at Bama and New York.

33 Fancy party with special entertainments or performances

35 Dir. Bama must travel to play at UK

36 Amazing

37 Website to find the latest stats on Tua, Henry, Mac, et al

40 QB Trammel who died way too young

41 “Big” guy in costume on Saturdays

42 Curry and Copeland or Bryant and Hutson

44 Yellow state bird, cheer, or drink

48 The original Lion King

51 Island Napoleon was exiled to

52 Crimson Tide athletes use this on the Black Warrior River

54 If Saban asks you to do something, this should be your immediate response

56 If you want to buy a house, don’t ask that snake Bobby Lowder for one of these

57 The moniker Tim, Simeon, and Caleb call Jeremiah

58 Actress Kendrick

59 Auburn did this on Nov 26, 2022

60 What a snake might say to you if it feels threatened

61 More than want


1 First name of the Motor City Mad Man

2 Notion

3 What to do after the shuffle

4 Follow

5 Animal that represents the Crimson Tide

6 On the ___ from the police

7 Discontinued player of music

8 Christian who is now a Patriot

9 A pair of Electrical Engineer majors

10 Curry who played opposite John Copeland

11 What Montana Fouts threw in the 2021 Women’s College World Series vs UCLA

19 Microsoft Certified Professional

21 Abbr. for a term that means “and so on”

23 1/8th of a cup

25 Chicago Superstation that used to air the Cubs games

26 Abbr. for position Jordan Battle plays

27 Nickname of school for the Ragin’ Cajuns

29 Fournette and Nimoy, who combined to gain only 145 career rushing yards vs. Bama

30 State that beat Texas A&M last season in FB.

31 Peebles, Long, or Vardalos

32 How 21 DOWN is often misspelled

34 New waver who sang “Goody Two Shoes” and “Strip” in the 80s.

38 ___ Miss

39 Drs.

43 Steve who was a good Bama QB and poor Bama AD

44 What we give ‘em

45 With an indefinite article, where you go to pee in England

46 Advanced degrees earned at Bidgood Hall et al

47 Grizzard, Gilmore, and Stewart

49 She was “of Green Gables”

50 Number of players seen at Rhoads or The Joe

53 Batteries for your remote control

55 Abe’s beloved son