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Judging Alabama’s New Fall Enrollee Jersey Numbers

It’s that time of year... And EVERYONE qualified. No summer drama!

NCAA Football: UL Monroe at Alabama Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Fresh off the press, we got a new roster update from to include the jersey numbers of Alabama’s summer enrollees to include the handful of freshmen from the 2023 class and a few of the post-spring transfers.

As always, each player’s number choice will heavily influence my opinion of him. Because that’s a very fair and legitimate thing to do.

Yhonzae Pierre, Edge rusher: #42

42 is ok. It does feel a little more like an off-ball linebacker than an edge guy, but there have been other edge players in the 40s do well for Alabama in the past. Courtney Upshaw was one.

Bonus points to him, though. The name Yhonzae always makes me think of Yahtzee, which uses 6-sided dice, and 4+2=6. So this is a solid enough grade.

Richard Young, Running Back: #25

You really can’t go wrong with a jersey in the 20s as a running back, in my opinion. I would like to see the 30s come back into style, but at least we aren’t overcrowding the single digits anymore. 25 is good. Young is a fast guy, and 25 feels like it should be on a fast player. I cannot explain this... It just is. Good choice.

Tyler Buchner, Quarterback: #8

We got a sneak picture of this one a few weeks back, so it’s not a surprise. It is official now though... And I hate it. As a lifelong Matt Hasselbeck fan, #8 should be reserved only for bald QBs who are super accurate.

As a strong runner and a bit of a wildcard player, Buchner should have worn something in the teens.

Jaylen Key, Safety: #22

Key wore #28 for most of his career before switching to #1 his final season at UAB. I think 22 is a little boring, but, like with running backs, you can’t go wrong as a DB with anything in the 20s.

However, as his name rhymes with three, I’d have preferred 23, 33, or 43. I guess other players already had each of those... But still. Work something out.

Really anything in the 40s would have been cool. One of these days, a safety is going to wear #49 again and make my heart happy.

Trey Amos, Cornerback: #23

Speaking of 23, Amos swooped it up as he transferred in, and it’s a great number choice. 10/10, can’t say anything bad about it.

Keon Keeley, Edge rusher: #31

Alright, them’s some big words to back up to take the #31 as an edge rusher only 1 season after the best edge rusher in college football since Derrick Thomas just left for the NFL.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great number for the position, but Keeley is really going all-in here. If he lives up to it, he could wind up being superstar-top-tier-level cool. But if he doesn’t, it’ll be a constant reminder of disappointment.

Conor Talty, Kicker: #31

Ha, a kicker. Also wearing the same thing as the guy above.

I love this so much. It’s a subtle troll using the power of juxtaposition that also displays a bit of internal confidence and laissez-faire in the guy.

Rock on, Talty.