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Jumbo Package: The Doggiest of Dog Days are upon us...

There’s just nothing going on, except another half of the MLB season

The NCAA giveth...

One of the interesting parts of the NCAA easing attendance restrictions for admission into the FBS out of D1AA is a poison pill that actually makes such admission far less likely:

INDIANAPOLIS — Football Championship Subdivision schools soon could be paying more - a lot more - to move to the NCAA’s top level of competition.

The Division I Council is considering a proposal that would increase the transition fee from $5,000 to $5 million, effective upon approval of the measure. All Football Bowl Subdivision schools also would be required to provide 90% of the allowable scholarships in 16 sports, including football, over a rolling two-year period.

The measure also calls on FBS schools to offer at least 210 scholarships per year at a price tag no lower than $6 million.

If approved, the new rules would take effect Aug. 1, 2027, for current FBS members and FCS schools applying to make the move by 2024-25. Schools that apply after 2024-25 would have to meet the requirements before the end of the two-year transition process.

Money. And a lot of it.

Schools will pay a $5 million exit fee to change divisions, and then must commit to at least 210 scholarships with $6M value.

I think this is going to hamstring all-but the most established athletic departments (ND State, SDSU, etc.). So, don’t be buying those ASU tickets just yet.

Thought you were done with States unleashing a torrent of goofy NIL laws? Nope. Not even close — and two lawsuits winding their way through the courts could further upend the apple cart:

Administrators everywhere are more concerned over the bill introduced by California Assemblyman Chris Holden. It would provide revenue sharing and enhanced medical care for players.

Such a bill would impact the collegiate model way beyond NIL, potentially leading to a series of copycat laws in other states, much as happened with NIL.

The College Athlete Protection Act could be become law as soon as January.

The National Labor Relations Board is considering whether players should be considered employees, a discussion stemming from a complaint filed against USC, the Pac-12 and NCAA.

There are at least two major court cases that could kneecap the NCAA. House vs. NCAA seeks to wipe out the association’s ability to cap compensation for athletes, while Johnson vs. NCAA seeks to make athletes employees. A recent appeals hearing in that case did not go well for the NCAA

Any time has been a good time for Congress to act, but now especially would be good. We are facing a morass from which we may not be able to disengage. A legislative fix is coming, sooner or later. But the longer it waits, the longer institutional rot has to set in, as well. NIL turned two years old this summer, and it’s been a problem child only growing worse with each passing day.

Too early for Bracketology? Yes, I agree — the roster isn’t even filled out yet.

Nevertheless, Jerry Palm has begun spitballing, and has the Tide as a 7-seed, likely facing No. 2 Houston.

I would agree with Houston. The Coogs will be loaded again. But I think with the new talent on hand in Tuscaloosa, the Tide will be far better than a 7-seed. Another notable snub: 4-seed Arkansas and 6-seed Kentucky.

Look, we know Palm is in the tank for the Big 10, and always has had a hate-boner for the SEC, but that’s just silly.

‘Bama cheatin’, Pawwwwwwl

Not really. UA self-reported two minor-level NCAA infractions at the June deadline. And, while they were at it, they took the opportunity to “demote” Matt Self from Compliance Director and Football Oversight AD. On paper, anyway.

But, if you actually look at the timing here, what really happened was Greg sidelined him in the memory-hole for 45 days, made no announcement to the media or staff, then brought Self back under a plainly supernumerary title, where he still occupies a position of trust very high in UA administration, and has oversight over staff and areas of academic success pertinent student athletes.

And, the entire time he was suspended, Self was playing grab-ass with the rest of the Athletic Department staff. Why, the very same day he reappeared, he just so happened to already be the captain of the UA Athletic Department softball team.

That’ll show ‘em, Greg!

You’re definitely running an above-board program here that fills women with inspiration that they will be treated fairly and appropriately — or, at the least, not be placed in a subservient position to someone with a documented DUI, notorious anger issues, and now an arrest for felony domestic violence.

If only these Title IX issues of laxity were known before you were hired...

Oh, well. Enjoy your softball game, Matt!