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A Bird That Whistles R10:

I got a bird that sings...

Gal, where you been so long?

Life don’t mean a thing... if you don’t occasionally sing and shake what the good Lord gave ya. Let’s go now. You know what to do...

  1. Corrina, Corrina by Bob Dylan
  2. Then She Did... by Jane’s Addiction
  3. Wooderson by The Gaslight Anthem
  4. You Don’t Know Me by Ben Folds (feat. Regina Spektor)
  5. Let’s Dance by The Ramones
  6. Wicked Witch by Nardo Wick
  7. Sheila Take a Bow by The Smiths
  8. Close to Me by The Cure
  9. Hayday by The Replacements
  10. Restless Farewell by Bob Dylan