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Jumbo Package: Has Jalen Milroe locked up the start at QB vs. Middle Tennessee?

Your latest Crimson Tide news and notes.

Alabama Spring Football Game Photo by Brandon Sumrall/Getty Images

Happy Monday, everyone. We’ll get to football in a second, but first need to talk about former Alabama golfer Nick Dunlap. Check out this little nugget.

Imagine being able to say that you accomplished something in golf that nobody other than Tiger has.

On to the final scrimmage of fall camp. As usual, a very limited highlight package was offered.

As Nick Kelly notes, nothing has happened in the QB derby to change the pecking order. Being that this was the last spring scrimmage, it’s safe to say that it will be Jalen Milroe who trots out onto the field a week from Saturday.

Jalen Milroe remains at the top of the pecking order. He went with the first-team offense in the first series. Ty Simpson had the second crack at it. Milroe made a few nice plays, one of which he threw a great pass to Malik Benson for what would have been a long touchdown, but the pass bounced off Benson’s hands.

It doesn’t sound like Simpson did anything to move himself ahead of Milroe. So with two weeks until the first game, Milroe still appears to be at the front of the pack and the most likely player to take the first snap at quarterback against Middle Tennessee. Where it goes from there will be determined by how Milroe plays as well as Simpson; Both will likely get time against Middle Tennessee.

Does this mean that Milroe has the job locked up? That’s highly doubtful. This competition reminds me of 2014, when Blake Sims started. Blake didn’t play great to open the season, but he never did anything to lose his place atop the depth chart, and by week three or so it was evident that the job was his. As long as Milroe isn’t losing games for Alabama, he will likely be the guy.

But remember, Jake Coker was warming up after Sims’ third turnover vs. Auburn. This is going to be a deal where whoever wins the job knows they have to play well to keep it. Opinions seem to be all over the place regarding Simpson, but it is near consensus that both Tyler Buchner and Dylan Lonergan helped themselves substantially.

The offensive line seems to be rounding into shape.

A week after raising the concern, Saban revealed a possible solution: Booker would revert to left guard, spreading the talent along the line and slotting veteran and former starter Darrion Dalcourt next to Latham.

“Basically, we moved some guys around to try and get a balance of experience a little bit more,” Saban told reporters in Bryant-Denny Stadium’s media room. “ ... I think that’s helped the left tackles who are less experienced, somebody that’s got more experience, more confidence, can make calls, can help them with their communication. That doesn’t mean it’s the way it’s going to be, but that’s one thing that has helped, to some degree, on that side of the line.”

It’s no surprise that Proctor has locked down left tackle. If he is as good as advertised, this offensive line should be outstanding.

There were several passes that were reported as dropped from those in attendance, but Nick Saban seems relatively happy with the receivers.

Even Nick Saban has said he wants the wide receivers group to be more consistent. However, after his team’s second camp scrimmage Saturday, Saban said the wideouts were looking better.

“I think our receivers have really improved,” Saban said. “I think they played faster (today). They’re playing with more confidence. I think we’ve had less drops, but obviously the goal is you never want to have any drops. We’re going to continue to work on that. But I think they’ve made improvement.”

Austin Hannon over at SI has a few additional notes.

Niblack was first-team tight end

Terrence Ferguson II is fine — his absence from first team was experimental

Caleb Downs and Jaylen Key started at safety

Georgia transfer Trezmen Marshall was opposite Deontae Lawson at interior linebacker

Punter James Burnip appears to be much improved this year

You can watch Nick Saban’s entire press conference below.

Chase Goodbread has a scouting report from Tide QB commit Julian Sayin’s season opener.

There’s a low limit, of course, to how much can be gleaned from a single game, especially without being there in person. Having covered high school football and recruiting for 13 years in a long ago, far away place, I learned a thing or two trying to project collegiate success. A quarterback’s release, a constant against any high school defense, is one thing that can translate. And Sayin’s is quite a trigger. He goes from cocked to follow-through in a blink. Much more often in college than high school, that can be the difference between a completion and a strip-sack.

Last, Will Anderson already took his first couple of souls.

Lest anyone think that was just a standalone highlight..

A decade from now, Texans fans are going to be looking back on the 2023 Draft the way that Alabama fans revere the 2008 recruiting class, and Demeco Ryans gets to be the beneficiary.

That’s about it for today. Have a great week.

Roll Tide.