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FOCO releases Big Al Bobblehead piggy bank

Time to start thinking about Christmas presents, isn’t it?

I got the press release for this bad boy last week, and thought it was too good to actually pass by. I ordinarily don’t help companies shill their wares. But, with the Holidays upon us before you know it, this seemed like a really cool gift idea for that budding young Gump in your family (and the not so young).

From merch mavens FOCO, comes this two-in-one Bammer bank: it’s a Big Al bobblehead and an operational piggybank. The total swag is about 8” high, and weighs a shade under two pounds. It’s a limited edition pre-order, you’re limited to just two (2) per person, and it’s a very reasonably-priced $70 for the build quality and dual use.

So, if you want to hop on it, here’s the link from FOCO.

Here are some more photos too. (I’m going to get one for my nephew, and sway him away from the malign forces of the Longhorns.)

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