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Nick Saban declines to release depth chart, Tommy Rees to operate from the booth

I can’t imagine this will cause any sort of reaction.

NCAA Football: Alabama Spring Game Gary Cosby-USA TODAY Sports

Customarily, we would be posting a depth chart analysis the Monday before the season opener. Alas, this won’t be the case today as Nick Saban has decided not to release one. His reasoning:

“It creates a lot of distractions on our team,” Saban said. “Creates a lot of guys thinking ‘Well this guy won the job, now I’m not gonna get to play,’ or whatever and quite frankly, we don’t need that.”

According to reporters and athletics department employees covering or working for the other 13 schools in the SEC, Alabama will be one of just three teams not releasing depth charts ahead of game day. The Crimson Tide join LSU and Texas A&M.

It’s pretty interesting that this is the year that he decides not to release one. Is the QB situation still undecided, or is he just not making the pecking order public so that Texas coach Steve Sarkisian can’t get a head start on the game plan for week 2?

Considering previous conversations, I’m sure that any response to the following will be measured.

We are officially doomed, or something. Maybe O’Brien left some fire trucks in there for them to play with.

Six more days, folks.

Roll Tide.