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PRINTABLES: 2023 Alabama Football Projected Not-A-Depth Chart and Jersey Numbers

We’re all flying blind this year, aren’t we?

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It’s that time again: from long-time reader (and annual contributor) Jay Reynolds, we present the graphical 2023 Alabama Not-A-Depth Depth Chart for you.

This year is absolutely wild. For the first time, Nick has not put out a depth chart. And with the bevy of new faces and names this year, and so many wide-open competitions still underway, this is our best guess at a two-deep, as well as spitballs from other experts.

Let us know who you think wins out in the end, and why. (For instance, I think Jihaad Cambell locks down one spot opposite Trezmen Marshall or Deontae Lawson). Bonds has come on a lot this fall camp, but I still bet we see Brooks / Burton on the outside as the core starters...until someone proves they can hang on to it better. Robbie Outz is the better blocker, but how do you keep Amari Niblack on the bench?

Anyway, duke it out below. And thanks as always, Jay.

Roll Tide.

2023 Jersey Numbers / Not-a-Depth-Chart