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Set Me Loose R10:

Get it higher...

Dig those moves...
Timothy Paul Jones

When the night is through... we’ll be one rotation around the axis closer to our favorite season. Until that glorious day arrives, let’s kick it live! Bang yer head before you drop dead...

  1. Drop Dead Legs by Van Halen
  2. Strange by Wire
  3. I Want You to Want Me (Live at Budokan) by Cheap Trick
  4. You Dropped a Bomb On Me by The Gap Band
  5. Watchdog by Gringo Star
  6. Levon by Elton John
  7. Los Angeles (Live Video) by X
  8. Nite and Grey by Urge Overkill
  9. I Wish It Would Rain (Live Video) by The Temptations*
  10. Neighborhood #3 (Power Out) by Arcade Fire

Bonus: Louisiana 1927 (Live Video) by Randy Newman**

*If you only click on one link here, make it this one. David Ruffin’s vocals... Damn.

**This one’s also worth your time. You’re welcome. Roll Tide...