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WAKE UP! Alabama - Texas is here! Morning schedule and open thread

Let’s get ready to rummmmmble.

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Who’s pumped? After a meh slate of Week Zero and Week 1 games, we have some prime entertainment tonight: and Tuscaloosa is off the chain.

If you want to get caught up on the pregame hype, let’s do that here:

As for the rest of the national coverage? This one really is the creme de la creme for college football. But, there are a few others that may tickle your fancy. Here’s a schedule I stole from our LSU frenemies over at And the Valley Shook

Chime in below, and we’ll see you guys and gals later this evening as the Tide looks to draw closer to evening that record against Shortie.

Roll Tide

What’s you score prediction? I’m going with 33-24 — Uncomfortably close until late, when the Tide pull away...and cover in the final few minutes.