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Win this Limited Edition Crimson Tide Charlie Brown & Snoopy Bobblehead set!

Absolutely adorbs

As promised yesterday, the winner of our Haiku contest will take home a very, very special prize: A limited edition Crimson Tide Charlie Brown and Snoopy Bobblehead set! (These are not small either — each bobblehead is about 9.5” tall)

FOCO is limiting this ‘Bama-centric American classic to just 150 sets, and they’re priced at a ridiculous bargain: just $65.

I don’t expect them to last past lunch, TBH. But, after some wrangling, I was able to convince FOCO to put aside a set of these bad boys for the lucky winner of our Texas-themed Haiku competition.

That contest ends Sunday at noon Central, so if you’ve not gotten your entry in, or voted on your favorites, go ahead and do that:

For everyone else, get to FOCO post-haste and pick yours up.

We’re not getting anything out of this, BTW — besides having FOCO donate a set to our contest winner. Oftentimes the merch deals we make are soley for your benefit: this is one...

...And I’m going to be very jealous of whomever wins it.

Roll Tide! And thanks to FOCO for sponsoring our contest and our readers

-Erik / RBR