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Alabama Crimson Tide vs Texas Longhorns Second Half Open Thread

The Longhorns are up 13-6 as Alabama can’t figure out how to make the forward pass work.

Texas v Alabama Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The Alabama defense opened up the game hitting the absolute daylights out of the Texas offense, and the Longhorns got bailed out by an iffy fumble winding up being called an incomplete pass. Alabama’s offense, meanwhile, opening things up with an impressive string of runs, but Jalen Milroe immediately threw a pick to a wide open defender when he was called on to pass the ball.

After a couple of dud drives, Texas finally scored when they threw designed deep shots on 3 straight plays and connected on one of them. The first would have easily been an interception by freshman Caleb Downs, but Ewers’ accuracy was so bad that Downs couldn’t reach it.

The Tide defense gave up a few yards in the middle of the field, but ultimately held stout a couple more times and locked up the Longhorn offense. Meanwhile, Alabama’s passing game was non-existent up until a final scramble before the half, when Milroe hit a pass to Kobe Prentice downfield, who twisted around for a leaping catch and then avoided two defenders.

The drive wound up stalling, again, and Will Reichard kicked another one home to get Alabama to 6 points.

Alabama gets the ball back after halftime with the chance to make it a tie-game again, but, thus far, the offense has shown a total inability to pass the ball. If things don’t start moving forward, there’s going to be a lot of Alabama fans asking rather loudly about a QB change.

We’ll see. But as great as the defense has played, they can’t hold up forever while the offense only scores two field goals in a half.