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Postgame/Late Shift Open Thread

Texas 34, Alabama 24

NCAA Football: Texas at Alabama John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Well, you can never glean too much from the paycheck games and tonight bore that out. This didn’t look like the same Alabama team that played last weekend. There were mistakes everywhere, including but certainly not limited to some fatal miscues from the QB position. If there is a bright spot, it was that the defense played its heart out and held the Longhorns in check for three quarters, but a couple of explosive plays late from Texas sealed the deal.

Where Alabama goes from here is anyone’s guess. There were more points available than what the scoreboard shows. Alabama had two touchdowns called back due to penalty and Milroe missed a wide open Jase McClellan by inches on a wheel route with nothing but grass ahead of him. If Milroe plays this exact game without the interceptions, he can still be a championship level QB.

But can he stop throwing the interceptions? And at what point does the coaching staff try someone else if he doesn’t? It’s pretty clear that the “or” designation in that spot is illegitimate. If that second pick wasn’t enough to get someone else in the game, then Milroe must have a clear stranglehold on the job.

Oh, well. This one was disappointing. The rest of the SEC West looked pretty awful as well, so plenty of teams will be headed back to the drawing board. Guess we will see what Nick Saban and team come up with.

Most who wish to watch more football tonight will likely tune in to Auburn vs. Cal.

Roll Tide.

September 9, 2023

Auburn at Cal 9:30 PM ESPN / ESPN Video
Auburn at Cal 9:30 PM ESPN / ESPN Video
Oklahoma State at Arizona State 9:30 PM FS1 / FOX Video
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