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Nick Saban gives some explanation for his retirement

ESPN gets the first word from Saban after his retirement on Wednesday

NCAA Football: SEC Football Championship-Georgia at Alabama Gary Cosby Jr.-USA TODAY Sports

Well the new day dawned, and Saban was seen early this morning coming back into the facilities at Alabama to talk to some media. Chris Low from ESPN seems to have gotten his first comments.

The short of it is: Saban is tired. He said there’s no specific health issues, but he’s gotten older and he doesn’t think he can hold himself to the standard of work he thinks he needs to to continue to be the best. He was worried about slowly dragging down the team, and was seeing the same issues pop up each year and decided it was time. He wasn’t willing to take a more hands-off approach to coaching, either. For Nick, it’s all or nothing.

He also reiterated that his decision had nothing to do with the changing landscape of college football, like some people are insinuating. He made it a point that he had already adapted to the NIL and transfer portal rules and kept winning.

Saban also said that he wants to be available to the University to help out with things as needed.

“There are a lot of things to clean up, to help as we move forward. I’m still going to have a presence here at the university in some form and trying to figure out all that and how it works. This is a place that will never be too far away from Miss Terry’s and my hearts.”

All the best to Nick. We’ll all be excited to hear from him any time he speaks in the future.

Roll Tide!