A request for aid from the community

Hey, fellow Tiders! I asked Erik if it was OK for me to post this here, and he gave it his blessing. Since this has a bit more permanency than just a random post in an unrelated game thread, I figured it would go better someplace like this anyway.

So, that aside, on January 1 my sister had a house-fire that gutted the bedroom where her grandsons, my grand-nephews, were sleeping. The boys got out okay, but they lost their clothes, toys, Christmas gifts - everything. Because it was an electrical fire, they were without power and apparently it took out the water heater as well. As of now, the power's back, but there's still all the damage to the house, demolition, repair, and so on. I realize you might be wondering "Well, why not homeowner's insurance?" The sad fact is, they were between insurers when this happened. So the burden falls squarely on her/our shoulders.

That brings us to here: I ask you, fellow Bama fans, for your help. I set up a GofFundMe immediately that has been a great boon, but they're still in need. If you can contribute, that's awesome. If you can share the link around, that helps a lot, too. I did set a cap on it, but I'm not sure what all needs to be done. I was so shocked and in such a hurry to get everything sorted out as soon as possible that I just kind of picked an arbitrary amount.

Folks, no amount of help is 'too little" - even if it's just passing the link on to someone else, sharing it on another forum, or what-have-you.

Thank you everyone for your time, and the link to the GoFundMe is below. Roll Tide.

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