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I Thought of a Song R10:

and quickly changed the tune…

Sleeping Children
Guitar World

So many years have filled my heart… with a deep gratitude for this life, even with all its flaws and challenges. The universe is truly a mystery, and I’ve little clue as to why I’m here, but I give thanks for it — and you, friend — and the music we love and share with each other. Enjoy…

1. Primary by The Cure

2. Ceremony by Galaxie 500

3. De Camino a La Vereda by Buena Vista Social Club

4. Casey Jones by Grateful Dead

5. White Ash by The Weeks

6. Can’t Hardly Wait by The Replacements

7. Just Yesterday by Sun Room

8. Mind Games by John Lennon

9. Ouch by Be Your Own Pet

10. Hey Ya! by OutKast