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FEB 19 UPDATE: 2024 Alabama Crimson Tide Football Roster Tracker

The revolving door is the new normal in college football.

Deontae Lawson will be returning to the Crimson Tide in 2024.
Photo by Cliff Welch/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Nick Saban has a 24 hour rule following a game to celebrate or lick wounds. It’s clear that principle applies to the off-season as well. Shortly after the conclusion of Alabama’s football season, there was a flurry of personnel changes. In what must have been a long week of meetings, the Alabama head man sat down with his staff and players to decide on their futures with the program.

The Transfer Portal for Alabama players is now closed. The deadline for early entry into the NFL Draft is Jan 15. However, it is believed that Saban has a pretty good idea on who will be coming back and who will be moving on.



  • DB Jaylen Key
  • PK Will Reichard - Playing in Senior Bowl (Feb 3)
  • OL Darrian Dalcourt - Remember him?


  • WR Ja’Corey Brooks > Louisville
  • QB Tyler Buchner > Notre Dame Lacrosse
  • DL Anquin Barnes > Colorado
  • DB Earl Little Jr. > FSU
  • OC Seth McLaughlin > Ohio State
  • OL Terrence Ferguson > FSU
  • RB Roydell Williams > FSU
  • DL Isaiah Hastings > Mizzou > Syracuse
  • TE Miles Kitselman > Tenn
  • WR Shazz Preston > Tulane
  • QB Eli Holstein > Pitt
  • S Kristian Story > UK
  • WR Malik Benson > FSU
  • DL Monkell Goodwine > South Carolina
  • LB Ian Jackson > UTSA
  • LB Kendrick Blackshire
  • DB Jake Pope > UGA
  • LB Shawn Murphy > FSU
  • DB Trey Amos > OM
  • S Caleb Downs > anOSU


  • LB/Edge Dallas Turner - possible top 10-15 pick
  • OL JC Latham - possible top 10-15
  • CB Kool-Aid McKinstry - potential first or early second round
  • CB Terrion Arnold - potential first or early second round
  • LB Chris Braswell - Round 3? Participating in the Senior Bowl
  • RB Jase McClellan - mid round
  • DL Justin Eboigbe - mid round; Participating in the Senior Bowl
  • WR Jermaine Burton - mid round
  • LB Trezmen Marshall - 7th or UDFA

The first round of the NFL Draft is always a slew of overdrafted quarterbacks, a bunch of OL, plus edge rushers and wide receivers. There is not a lot of room for secondary and linebackers but we’ll see...



All will be true freshmen.

QB Julian Sayin

1. TE Jay Lindsey

2. DB Peyton Woodyard

3. DB Zabien Brown

4. DB Jaylen Mbakwe

5. RB Kevin Riley

6. ATH Aeryn “Bubba” Hampton

7. TE Caleb Odom

8. OL Casey Poe

9. DE Jeremiah Beaman

10. LB Sterling Dixon

11. DE Steve Mboumoua

12. DE Jayshawn Ross

13. DB Rydarrius Morgan

14. WR Amari Jefferson

ATH Jameer Grimsley -

15. OL Joseph Ionata

16. LB Cayden Jones

17. WR Rico Scott

18. DB Dre Kirkpatrick Jr.

19. OL William Sanders

20. LB Justin Okoronkwo

21. DT Isaia Faga

22. RB Daniel Hill - Announced on Sat, Jan 6

23. DB Zavier Mincey - Announced on Sat, Jan 6


(** All classifications below refer to fall of 2024 **)

As of post, the following are expected back. But ya never know...

24. LB Keon Keeley, RS-Fr. no appearances - confirmed he will not enter the transfer portal, because some jerkoff reporter asked him

25. LB Qua Russaw, RS-Fr. no appearances

26. LB Yhonzae Pierre, RS-Fr. no appearances

27. DL Hunter Osborne, RS-Fr. no appearances

28. DB Jahlil Hurley, RS-Fr. no appearances

29. QB Dylan Lonergan, RS-Fr. 1 game

30. RB Richard Young, RS-Fr. 3 games

31. WR Cole Adams, RS-Fr. 2 games

DB Dezz Ricks, RS-Fr. 2 games

32. DL Edric Hill, RS-Fr. 2 games

33. WR Jaren Hamilton, RS-Fr. 2 games

34. DL Jordan Renaud, RS-Fr. 2 games

35. TE Ty Lockwood, RS-Fr. 2 games

36. OL Roq Montgomery, RS-Fr. 2 games

37. PK Conor Talty, RS-Fr. 3 games

38. OL Miles McVay, RS-Fr. 4 games

39. OL Wilkin Formby, RS-Fr. 3 games

40. OL Olaus Alinen, RS-Fr. 4 games

41. DB Tony Mitchell, True-Soph. 7 games

42. DL James Smith, Soph. 9 games

43. WR Jalen Hale, Soph. 13 games

44. RB Justice Haynes, Soph. 13 games

45. DB Bray Hubbard, Soph. 9 games

S Caleb Downs, Soph. 14 games

OT Kadyn Proctor, Soph. 14 games

[SIDE NOTE: Just because a guy does not play in his first season, does not mean he is a bust. Terrion Arnold, for example, did not play in a single game as a true freshman.]


46. CB Domani Jackson (Southern Cal) True-JR - Two years remaining

47. DE LT Overton (Texas A&M) True-JR - Two years remaining

48. OL Naquil Betrand (Texas A&M) RS-FR - Four years remaining

49. QB Austin Mack - Four years remaining

50. C Parker Brailsford - Three years remaining

51. WR Germie Bernard - Two years remaining


DB Antonio Kite, RS-Soph.

52. DB DeVonta Smith, RS-Soph.

53. LB Jeremiah Alexander, RS-Soph.

54. TE Danny Lewis, RS-Soph.

LB Shawn Murphy, RS-Soph.

55. QB Ty Simpson, RS-Soph. - Confirmed returning.

56. OL Elijah Pritchett, RS-Soph.

57. DL Khurtiss Perry, RS-Soph.

DB Jake Pope, RS-Soph.

WR Isaiah Bond, Jr.

58. WR Kobe Prentice, Jr.

59. DL Jaheim Oatis, Jr.

60. WR Kendrick Law, Jr.

61. WR Emmanuel Henderson, Jr.

62. RB Jam Miller, Jr.

63. LB Jihaad Campbell, Jr.

64. OL Tyler Booker, Jr.

TE Amari Niblack, Jr.

65. DL Tim Keenan, RS-Jr.

66. QB Jalen Milroe, RS-Jr. - Confirmed return

67. LB Keanu Koht, RS-Jr.

68. LB Deontae Lawson, RS-Jr. - Confirmed return

69. DL Damon Payne, RS-Jr.

70. OL James Brockermeyer, RS-Jr.

71. OL Jaeden Roberts, RS-Jr.

72. LB Justin Jefferson, Sr.

73. TE CJ Dippre, Sr. - Confirmed return

LB Kendrick Blackshire, Sr.

74. TE Robbie Ouzts, Sr.

75. P James Burnip, RS-Sr. - Confirmed return

76. DL Jah-Marien Latham, RS-Sr.

77. OLB Quandarrius Robinson, RS-Sr. - Returning

CB Trey Amos, Grad.

78. DB Malachi Moore, ONE YR Remaining - Confirmed return

79. DL Tim Smith, ONE YR Remaining - Unconfirmed return


  • WR Ryan Williams - 80
  • EDGE Noah Carter - 81


When a student-athlete enters their name into the transfer portal, they do so through their school’s compliance office in the form of a written notification. The compliance office has 48 hours to comply with the player’s request and NCAA rules forbid anyone from refusing that request. Thus, Alabama may have a few more TP announcements register on Sunday and Monday.



  • WR Ryan Williams - incoming 5-star freshman committed but signing Feb 9.


  • RB Jase McClellan, ONE YR Remaining - “expected” to declare for the 2024 NFL Draft according to Nick Kelly of The Tuscaloosa News. UPDATE: NFL


  • Alabama may be looking for more help at WR, DB and OL. Also, it seems you can never have enough good DL.


  • Starting long-snapper Kneeland Hibbett is believed to not be on fall scholarship. He will be a true senior. [SIDE NOTE: He is the grandson of the legendary Tide receiver Dennis Homan.]
  • UPDATE: There has been talk that the new Alabama staff will honor LB Quinton Reese’s scholarship offer. Will it be a full offer for the fall? Will he Greyshirt? Does he qualify for a Blueshirt? If he joins the team for fall, he’ll be number 82.


  • Special Teams Coordinator/Outside Linebackers Coach Coleman Hutzler will take over as Defensive Coordinator at Mississippi State.
  • Wide Receivers Coach Holmon Wiggins has taken the same job at Texas A&M with a possible moniker of Co-Offensive Coordinator added to his business cards.
  • Defensive Backs Coach Travaris Robinson’s contract expires Feb. 29. ???
  • UPDATE: DL coach Freddie Roach and RB coach Robert Gillespie only coaches expected to be retained.
  • UPDATE: Alabama is expected to hire Buffalo head coach Maurice Linguist as a defensive assistant. South Alabama head coach Kane Wommack is leaving USA to become Alabama’s defensive coordinator.


We will add updates as they happen.

  • JAN 7 UPDATE: QB Eli Holstein will transfer to Pitt.
  • JAN 7 UPDATE: DB Jake Pope is in the TP.
  • JAN 7 UPDATE: DL Monkell Goodwine has committed to South Carolina.
  • JAN 8 UPDATE: LB Kendrick Blackshire is in the transfer portal.
  • JAN 8 UPDATE: WR Malik Benson has decided on the FSU Whineybabies.
  • JAN 9 UPDATE: It has been reported, but unconfirmed, that DC Kevin Steele is retiring. He turns 66 in March and has spent 40 years in coaching, 12 as a DC.
  • JAN 9 UPDATE: DL Isaiah Hastings has agreed to transfer to Mizzou.
  • JAN 9 UPDATE: Malachi Moore makes it official that he’s staying for another season.
  • JAN 9 UPDATE: RB Jase McClellan declares for the NFL draft.
  • JAN 10 UPDATE: Story is headed to Kentucky.
  • JAN 10 UPDATE: Nick Saban has retired.
  • JAN 11 UPDATE: Terrence Ferguson is heading to FSU.
  • JAN 12 UPDATE: Report that starting receiver Isaiah Bond has filed the paperwork and is expected to enter the transfer portal.
  • JAN 12 UPDATE: Alabama hires Kalen DeBoer as head coach.
  • JAN 13 UPDATE: Pope commits to UGA.
  • JAN 13 UPDATE: Serial copycat Kirby Smart has absconded with secondary coach Travaris Robinson.
  • JAN 13 UPDATE: Kitselman will try his luck with Tennessee.
  • JAN 13 UPDATE: Isaiah Bond is visiting Texa$ this weekend.
  • JAN 13 UPDATE: DB Dezz Ricks in the TP, but has not contacted any other school per reports.
  • JAN 13 UPDATE: DB Antonio Kite > TP.
  • JAN 13 UPDATE: ILB Shawn Murphy is out.
  • JAN 14 UPDATE: Bond to Texa$.
  • JAN 14 UPDATE: Tight end Amari Niblack in in the TP. All the more snaps for Caleb Odom.
  • JAN 15 UPDATE: Shazz Preston is heading for Tulane.
  • JAN 16 UPDATE: Trey Amos, TP. Ole Miss is the favorite.
  • JAN 16 UPDATE: Murphy is the fifth former Tide player to commit to FSU.
  • JAN 16 UPDATE: Ricks to TAMU.
  • JAN 17 UPDATE: S Caleb Downs is in the portal.
  • JAN 17 UPDATE: Kadyn Proctor in the QH. He probably goes to Iowa.
  • JAN 17 UPDATE: Tyler Booker and Jihaad Campbell have both said they’re returning. Kendrick Law is scheduled to do an autograph session with those two, which would seem to indicate that he is staying as well.
  • JAN 17 UPDATE: Also announcing their returns: OL Jaeden Roberts, Olaus Alinen, Wilkin Formby, Miles McVay.
  • JAN 17 UPDATE: Washington All-PAC 12 transfer CB Jabbar Muhammad is planning on visiting Texas and Alabama this week. Also Freshman AA center Parker Brailsford is in the TP.
  • JAN 17 UPDATE: Kite transfers to... Auburn? LOLOLOLOL! Enjoy that s**tshow.
  • JAN 17 UPDATE: 30 day open window is ridiculous.
  • JAN 17 UPDATE: Without even stepping on the practice field, frosh DB Jameer Grimsley is entering the portal. Not to sound like “one of those guys”, but I was never really crazy about his addition to begin with.
  • JAN 18 UPDATE: Niblack to Texa$.
  • JAN 18 UPDATE: Former Washington true freshman QB Austin Mack has committed to Alabama. He is 6-6 / 225 and has four years of eligibility with no redshirt remaining.
  • JAN 19 UPDATE: 5-star freshman QB Julian Sayin is expected to initiate the transfer process on Friday, per Pete Thamel.
  • JAN 19 UPDATE: Downs to Ohio State.
  • JAN 19 UPDATE: Amos to Ole Miss.
  • JAN 20 UPDATE: Proctor to Iowa.
  • JAN 20 UPDATE: First Team Freshman All-American center Parker Brailsford has committed to transfer from Washington to Alabama. Last season, he allowed one sack in 612 pass block snaps.
  • JAN 21 UPDATE: WR/KR Germie Bernard (Las Vegas, NV) is transferring to Alabama from UW.
  • JAN 21 UPDATE: Grimsley is going back home to play for the Gators.
  • JAN 24 UPDATE: DL coach Freddie Roach has added the title of Assistant Head Coach to his duties.
  • JAN 24 UPDATE: WR Ryan Williams recommitted.
  • JAN 25 UPDATE: 4-star EDGE Noah Carter (Peoria, AZ) has committed to Alabama. He originally signed with UW but was released from his LOI. He was an All-American Bowl participant and drew rave reviews. 55 tackles and 11 sacks as a senior.
  • JAN 31 UPDATE: Some of the “crootin’ experts” are saying that the new Alabama staff will honor LB Quinton Reese’s scholarship offer.
  • FEB 4 UPDATE: Alabama has brought in Kivon Coman as a defensive backs grad assistant. The Sheffield, AL native played safety for Mississippi State from 2013-2016 and started for two years. He previously coached at Florence and Hoover High Schools.
  • FEB 5 UPDATE: Former Washington assistant William Inge will be the tenth and final assistant to be added to the Bama staff. His title is TBA, though he has experience on defense and with special teams.
  • FEB 10 UPDATE: Ryan Grubb has reneged on his promise to OC Alabama and instead will do so with the Seahawks where he will flame out spectacularly.
  • FEB 11 UPDATE: OL coach Scott Huff is joining Grubb in Methland Seattle.
  • FEB 19 UPDATE: According to Pete Thamel, Alabama is set to hire offensive line coach Chris Kapilovic. He spent only two months with Baylor. He got an early start at Alabama State (2001-05). He also coached under Larry Fedora - FWTW - at Southern Miss (2008-11) and UNC (2012-18). He then hooked up with Mel Tucker at Colorado (2019) and Michigan State (2020-23).
  • FEB 19 UPDATE: Georgia Southern OC Bryan Ellis is expected to be hired as tight ends coach. He was a QB at UAB, but injures held him back. After three season with Jeff Brohm at WKU, he hooked up with Clay Helton at Southern Cal (2017-18). In an interesting twist, he returned to WKU for three seasons under Clay’s brother Tyson Helton, before being reunited with Clay at GSU in 2022.
  • FEB 19 UPDATE: Former Washington assistant William Inge will not be joining the Bama staff.
  • FEB 19 UPDATE: BOOM! Michigan safety Keon Sabb is transferring to Alabama. He had 28 tackles, 2 INTs, and 4 passes defended in 2023. He is a rising redshirt sophomore with three years of eligibility. On a side note, Keon’s brother Xavier Sabb is a bluechip 2027 WR/DB prospect who is already looking at Bama as his college destination. The Sabbs are from southern New Jersey, south of Philadelphia.
  • FEB 19 UPDATE: Washington tight end Josh Cuevas is also joining the Crimson Tide. He has two years of eligibility remaining. He is more of a blocking tight end than a pass catch threat.
  • FEB 19 UPDATE: Bama is expected to hire Christian Robinson to coach the outside linebackers (position uncomfirmed). He coached inside linebackers at Baylor in 2023 and was linebackers coach/run-game coordinator at Auburn during the 2022 season. Those two stops were preceded by four seasons working with LBs at Florida under Dan Mullen (2018-21). He also served as a graduate assistant at Mississippi State (2017), Ole Miss (2015-16) and Georgia (2013-14). Robinson played linebacker at Georgia from 2009-12.

* Nick Sheridan - OC/QB (official)
* Robert Gillespie - RB (official)
* JaMarcus Shephard - WR (official)
* Bryan Ellis - TE
* Chris Kapilovic - OL

* Kane Wommack - DC/LB (official)
* Freddie Roach - DL (official)
* Colin Hitschler - Safeties
* Maurice Linguist - CB
* Christian Robinson - Defense TBA

* Courtney Morgan - General Manager
* David Ballou - Strength and Conditioning
* Jeff Allen - Athletic Trainer