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Brad the Boob — Bohannon Banned: Betting Bozo Bounced from Baseball

The NCAA dropped a rock from orbit on this buffoon

COLLEGE BASEBALL: MAY 12 Alabama at LSU Photo by John Korduner/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Yesterday was quite eventful for the University of Alabama Baseball program, as disgraced (and disgraceful), former coach Brad Bohannon received the longest show-cause penalty in NCAA history for his ridiculous wagering scam.

The NCAA found that Bohannon violated wagering and ethical conduct rules and received a 15-year show-cause order. Any NCAA institution that hires Bohannon must suspend him for “100% of the baseball regular season for the first five seasons of his employment.”

We covered this before, but the long and short is that Bohannon essentially funneled wagering money through an intermediary in Ohio, who would then place bets on his behalf at local sports books. And, yes, that included wagering on Alabama in which, as we all observed for years, had very odd bullpen rotation and managerial decisions.

Hayseed Pete Rose, if you will.

According to the NCAA, Bohannon messaged an individual he knew to be engaged in betting on an Alabama baseball game on April 28, 2003: “[Student-athlete] is out for sure ... Lemme know when I can tell [the opposing team] ... Hurry,” Bohannon texted the bettor, according to the NCAA.

After receiving the information from Bohannon, the bettor — identified Wednesday as Bert Eugene Neff — attempted to place a $100,000 wager on the Alabama game but was limited to a $15,000 bet by the sportsbook’s staff, according to the NCAA. The bet was placed with the BetMGM sportsbook at Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati, according to gaming regulators in Indiana and Ohio.

Alabama scratched its starting pitcher ahead of the game, which LSU won 8-6.

This was not a one-off either, but apparently once is all it takes...both for the NCAA and Vegas. What kind of absolute clown thinks the mob won’t notice a sudden scratch, followed by an attempted $100,000 wager...on college baseball? The Mafia didn’t build Vegas because it’s a bad investment, nor are the actuaries and oddsmakers and QA analysts in Sin City dummies — they’re among the best fraud investigators on the planet.

But, sure, Bo. You’re smarter than the literal Mafia.

Anyway, the Tide Baseball team received the mandatory three-year probation (I guess don’t bet against yourself anymore?) and the minimum penalty ($5000 for investigation costs). Both of those seem unfair to me, but this was fairly egregious, so I guess they had to set out some token display of “muh amateurism”.

The 15-year show-cause all-but certainly kills Bohannon’s career, both at the collegiate and professional level, on any continent, in any league.

And good riddance.

Don’t let the door hit you where the good lord split you.