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Victory Thread: Alabama 99, Mississippi St. 67

What a night for the Tide.

NCAA Basketball: Mississippi State at Alabama Gary Cosby Jr.-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that was fun.

Alabama got off to a bit of a slow start shooting the basketball, but about halfway through the first half they had a breakthrough and absolutely took a decent Mississippi State squad to the woodshed.

Most encouraging was the effort on the defensive end. This has been a problem area for much of the season, but tonight the Alabama players were flying around, getting on the floor, and forcing turnovers. It was a full team effort, but Grant Nelson set the tone with a couple of notable blue collar plays despite low minutes due to foul trouble.

Offensively, Mark Sears was as great as he’s been all season. This dish was absolutely gorgeous.

The entire team played well offensively, but the revelations were Jarin Stevenson and Mo Dioubate, who scored 14 apiece while Mo grabbed 8 of a combined 10 boards. Both of those guys likely earned more minutes with their play tonight.

For perhaps the first time this season, Alabama put together a complete game and looked like a team that can beat anyone in March. Next up is the trip to Auburn’s little bandbox, so they’ll need to keep it rolling.

Roll Tide.