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Alabama Crimson Tide History

From the RBR Archives: The time Alabama was snubbed from the Rose Bowl and a chance at a national title

If you think the recent to-do about the college football post season is something novel and new, you haven't been paying attention. Roll Bama Roll looks back at the outcome of the 1936 season and finds things haven't changed that much.

14 things to know about a football gameday at the University of Alabama

Things to know for those who plan to visit Tuscaloosa this season.

Alabama Roll Tide Crossword Puzzle ANSWERS

Crimson Tide off-season fun.

Alabama Roll Tide Crossword Puzzle

Crimson Tide off-season fun.

42 Days ‘Til Alabama Football: The biggest day of a regular guy’s career

Players go pro in things other than football. Harold Moore is one of them

In 2007, Nick Saban Was Still Figuring Out Recruiting

A look back at Saban’s first Alabama recruiting class.

Three Years Since The Pandemic: How Did Alabama Football Do In Non-Contact Recruiting?

As always, Nick Saban finds a way to adapt and evolve.

Power 5 Teams Who Have Never Played Alabama in Football

We will not rest until the Crimson Tide has beaten everyone.

2024 College Football Hall of Fame Voting: Antonio Langham heads up Roll ‘Bama Roll’s Ballot

A talented group of candidates are on the ballot this year, especially at pass rusher and quarterback.

Unwatchable Filth: Week 5: New Mexico State — FIU is treating us to historically bad football

There’s filth, then there’s this war crime.

A Brief History of Top Rated Quarterbacks

With very few exceptions, being the No. 1 QB recruit has not been a good omen.

The Legacy of 2015 Continues

The 2015 Alabama Crimson Tide team may go down as one of the most stacked top to bottom in college football lore.

Bama Baseball And Nicknames

A look at some nicknames for Alabama baseball players

The Historical: A Look Back at Alabama - Southern Miss

The facts may surprise you in this long-standing series that, at times, has been a rivalry that exceeds even conference foes.

5000 Days and Counting: Don’t waste a failure

Want to beat Alabama? You better already be a good team.

Alabama Toughens Up Future Football Schedules

The Crimson Tide has lined up an impressive slate of out of conference opponents and doubled up on Power 5 foes.

Countdown to Kickoff: Ryan Kelly dominated while wearing #70

Kelly was one of the best centers of the Saban era.

Can Nick Saban Become the Win Total King?

It’s not as crazy as you may think.

42 Things to Love About Alabama: The legendary Hank Aaron

Sorry, Barry. Hank could have thrown out Sid Bream.

50 SEC Head Coaches During the Nick Saban Era

While Saban has been a constant at Alabama, the carousel keeps spinning at other locales.

A Brief History Of Alabama and Ohio State

The two historic programs will meet for only the fifth time.

The All-Saban Underappreciated Roster — Handicap our squad!

How would this team fare in 2020? How would it compete against Alabama’s greatest Saban team?

The All-Saban Underappreciated Team: The Pass Rushers

Yes, Eryk Anders is on this list. And you knew he would be.

The All-Saban Underappreciated Team: The Front Seven Pass Defenders

Big men can cover passes too.

The All-Saban Underappreciated Team: The Safeties

Saban’s best unit?

All-Saban Underappreciated Team: Cornerbacks

Some names you probably forgot and performances you probably shouldn’t

This stream has:

The All-Saban Underappreciated Team

Not everyone can be an All-American

The All-Saban Underappreciated Team: The Kickers

#CollegeKickers...are allowed to miss kicks and grow from that failure.

The All-Saban Underappreciated Team: The Specialists

Beamer Ball? Nah, Bammer Ball.

The All-Saban Underappreciated Team: The Offensive Coordinator

I know. You’re still mad about the end of the 2012 Texas A&M game, aren’t you?

The All-Saban Underappreciated Team: Running Backs

For as good as they were, this trio wasn’t appreciated nearly enough.

The All-Saban Underappreciated Team: Quarterbacks

A group with as much quality off the field as on it.


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