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I went to the University of Alabama for too many degrees that I may never be able to pay off. I am an editor at Roll 'Bama Roll alongside a bunch of dedicated, smart, funny, talented writers, editors and contributors. After five years of managing this joint, it was time for new blood and the site will prosper accordingly. I run a retail Kratom store in Memphis, and have a handicapping service at — where I’m at 70.3% over 5 seasons.

Jumbo Package: Coach Wiggins outhustles Oklahoma; Alabama picks up elite wide receiver Cole Adams

Give Holmon Wiggins another raise!

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly: Alabama’s SEC Basketball schedule has allegedly leaked

And for the first time in a long time, the Tide seem to have a favorable draw

Jumbo Package: Defensive line recruiting is heating up faster than the weather

Bama’s success is built on the interior, so it’s no wonder Alabama is targeting plenty of defensive linemen

Giving Away Money: 2022 National Title Odds and Analysis

Bet the rematch

Despite being undermined for two years, Tua Tagovailoa has nothing but upside

Dolphins’ fans counting on the reincarnation of Russ Wilson didn’t factor in Brian Flores and Chan Gailey

Jumbo Package: The Texas A&M Toddlers need a juice box and a nap

Writing checks — metaphorical or otherwise — is about all Ross Bjork knows how to do

Roll ‘Bama Roll Errata Correction

Setting the record straight

Jumbo Package: Can you believe Kool-Aid McKinstry is the Tide’s most veteran cornerback?

Does that sentence terrify you?

Giving Away Money: Heisman Analysis — Three Alabama Players In The Top Five, But Take the Buckeye

And the best player in the country has the worst odds of the five

Jumbo Package: More is better? SEC scheduling divides conference haves and have-nots

More SEC is better, IYAM.