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I went to the University of Alabama for too many degrees that I may never be able to pay off. Retired lawya’, USMC veteran, active shitposter. I own a retail Kratom store in Memphis, and have a side hustle using all that math from my PhD to run a college football handicapping service.

Win this Limited Edition Crimson Tide Charlie Brown & Snoopy Bobblehead set!

Absolutely adorbs

EDIT: Roll ‘Bama Roll Haiku Contest! Texas Edition — Here’s your special prize!

All praise Texas Face AIDS — for it is upon us.

WAKE UP! Alabama - Texas is here! Morning schedule and open thread

Let’s get ready to rummmmmble.

How to make the most of your football gameday experience at Alabama

We break down the important things you need to know

Giving Away Money: 2023 Week 2 Picks Against the Spread To Enhance Your Filthy Lucre

Vegas has your money; let’s go get it.

Remembering why Bear Bryant was the ultimate “Game Changer” in college football

We break down why Bear Bryant was a trailblazer in college football for SB Nation’s Game Changer series.

Giving Away Money Special: Texas at Alabama point spread pick

God, we hope this is right

Jumbo Package: Spectrum/Charter took 15 million hostages: You’re not getting ESPN back anytime soon

Time to look at other options, folks.

2023 Blog Poll Week 2: Is the PAC 12 the deepest conference in the country?

You have to admit, the Left Coast looks as good as we’ve ever seen it.

Curiosities: 13 Questions Behind the Box Scores

The questions that remain from these stats are more curious than the stats themselves.